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written by Dark_light7100 on Jun 02, 2008 23:56
After getting what is the newest Starmap I ran my NICE game and it doesn't work! I get an error messege saying "Starmap3.map is a newer version (2) than we can understand. You need a newer version of NICE. Press any key to continue."

OK so I press a random key then press 6 to travel to another star. Bam! I get that error message again.

I don't think theres a newer version to NICE v.11 right?
written by Lordmoogat on Jun 03, 2008 19:02
I had the same problem. Read the thread "My starmapper3 is too new?" on either page 2 or 3. That really helped me.
written by Dark_light7100 on Jun 04, 2008 23:20
Ok thanks i'm sure that will help loads.

edit: Umm we got a problem here. DW Noctis is a bit wacko with my computer and I like just plain ol' NICE alot better. Is there a fix for my NICE and not DW Noctis?
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