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written by Fenrir on Jun 04, 2008 00:52
What makes Noctis fun? I fail to enjoy this game.

When I first began to play, I saw that the graphics aren't spectacular, but I don't mind. One of may favorite games is ADOM, an ASCII roguelike, so I gave the game a chance.

I was even willing to forgive the way planet surfaces look from the ground. What killed this game for me was the total lack of gameplay.

Why does everyone seem content to do naught else but fly around to observe unattractive landscapes, bland planets, and laughable creatures? What am I missing here?

I don't wish for my words to sound too harsh, I just want to join in on the fun.
faces or a vase?
written by Tom on Jun 04, 2008 01:13
The atmosphere it creates, the idea of exploring a huge and largely unmapped galaxy and recording your thoughts.
hidden agenda
written by Trad.a on Jun 04, 2008 01:37
I hate linear games for the most part because a lot of my enjoyement of video games comes from doing things my way at my pace. That is why I love Noctis IV. Noctis is perfectly almost perfect. I can aim my spaceship at some distant star, land on some mysterious moon and wander its landscapes. I can find some hill that nobody else has ever climbed, sit on it and watch the forest below echo with alien wildlife. I can stare off into the sparkling sea far off near the horizon. I can travel through echoless valleys, run through desert bush with strange creatures, chase arctic birds on icy platforms. I could map whole continents and explore vast regions for the first time.

From some essay I recently wrote.
omg! toadstoolz!
written by Dumbum on Jun 04, 2008 12:23
I guess you're just not into exploring planets without doing anything else then explore.
The people who do enjoy Noctis are curious people who find joy in exploring the unexplored.
written by Fenrir on Jun 04, 2008 12:44
I see. I'll download an updated STARMAP and GUIDE and give it another go.

I think I've just got a short attention span. Perhaps Noctis can cure me of that.

No... wait... No I won't be playing Noctis again, thanks to Mr. Gates.

I read that I can download NICE to play on a Vista machine. I guess I'll try that. Too bad I can't get vanilla, though.
electronic engineer!
written by Leniad on Jun 04, 2008 23:09
In my opinion, Noctis is less of a game, and more of a toy. If you are looking for gameplay, you won't find it here.
written by Dark_light7100 on Jun 04, 2008 23:25
I like the relaxed and lonely atmospher it gives. I find it a pleasant break from all those games where you can "lose" or "die". When you first start playing it, it may seem a bit weird but after a while I began to love and enjoy noctis.
written by Chad on Jun 05, 2008 04:15
Noctis is a Space Simulator. Not a game, games have a goal, points, some sort of achievement you can reach. Noctis can last way past your lifespan and new things may still be found past then, never know.

I think where a different crowd here and we enjoy a different things. Most people where brought here by Noctis and others Lino. But together this is a beautiful site with very interesting and smart people.

But I digress, Noctis isn't a typical program and not everyone will enjoy it. Sometime it takes time to understand it.
written by Dark_light7100 on Jun 08, 2008 18:09
I agree. This site attracts a certian kind of people. Others that are looking for maybe another type of game may not fit the setting of Noctis.

Maybe i'm wrong and you can fit in. Try to play Noctis and bit more and you'll learn to like it in no time!
written by Fenrir on Jun 08, 2008 20:36
I first set out to find some habitable planets around a class S00 star. While searching for planets, however, I found one with a ring about it, and stopped to take some pictures. I then opened the manual for a reason that presently escapes the ever fickle grasp of my memory. Whatever brought me there also compelled me to scroll past the list of star classes, which I then began to read. "Pulsars? Eerie pulsing? Dangerous gravity and radiation? This I must see." thought I. With the aid of the starfield amplificator, a S11 star was quickly located. For the best view, I told the computer to ignore radiation.

When my short journey ended, I was greeted by the large blue form of a pulsar. It dwarfed my Stardirfter, and was quite an impressive sight to behold. However, I was rather dissappointed at the lack of the eerie pulsing which I had been promised.

After visiting another pulsar, I descided to have a look at a runaway star. While the star itself was uninteresting, it was what I found on the planets that fascinated me most. On a barren planet, in a large crater, I found a most peculiar phenomenon. The rocks there appear to give off a silver light in the darkness! I wondered to myself if this was a native occurance, or if this was delivered to this panet by the foreign object that had left the crater. Examination of an area outside of the crater revealed no more of these strange rocks (but I discovered a rather pretty sunrise). Further invesigation is required.

The other planet was no less noteworthy. It was purple and red rocks dotted the landscape. It is also definitely worth revisiting.
wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Jun 08, 2008 22:11
I take it you finally found what you were looking for in the game? ^_^
written by Fenrir on Jun 08, 2008 22:25
written by Deanfrz on Jun 09, 2008 00:09
I refuse to believe he couldn't enjoy the game until the concept of "it's about finding your own fun" was explained to him. This entire thread is nothing but absurd and possibly rehearsed advertisement.
written by Monty on Jun 11, 2008 00:31
Buy Noctis IV folks! No, wait ...

But yes, it was a bit "Seen the error of his ways".
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