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written by Battlefrank8 on Jul 01, 2008 04:56
Hi, I went for somewhere 90000 LY away and my fuel ran out almost instantly. is there any way I can get there without spending hours of time?
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written by Starchaser on Jul 01, 2008 05:35
The usual star drifter trip is about 40 LY and a long distance jump is usually 2000-3000 not many people try for that far... that most probably ur problem
written by Azuraun2 on Jul 01, 2008 08:19
Like I said on frespych, when you target a really far location, your SD will start eating up fuel really fast while it "warms up", then it'll start accelerating *really* fast. What you have to do is make sure you have enough fuel to make it to the acceleration phase, otherwise you'll just be right where you started and be 40 grams short of fuel. Since with longer distances the SD eats fuel up more quickly and it takes to warm up, you might *never* reach the acceleration phase, even with your fuel capped at 120 grams, or you might only travel a few thousand lightyears.

So basically, to actually get anywhere with longer jumps, you need more fuel. Once you pass a certain distance threshold you'll need more than 120g of fuel, so make sure your SD is fully fuelled and moderate your jumps.
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written by Duskesko on Jul 01, 2008 19:00
You will have to stop for gas on the way, it is inevitable.
written by Deanfrz on Jul 01, 2008 21:43
4444 LY is a safe limit for jumps. SHould should have a few grams left to find a S06, but dont blame me if you come up short.
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. /../instantly running out of fuel./ 1
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