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written by Megagun on Jul 01, 2008 21:02
That should make it a lot easier to chat on the surface of a planet...
(In the previous version of HacIRC2, the "last line" was placed below all the other lines, thus making you have to scroll allthe way down to read the new message, which was annoying...)
written by Battlefrank8 on Jul 01, 2008 22:48
I like to believe I am the one to thank for this wonderful improvement for telling you about it.
rose pony is best pony
written by Starchaser on Jul 03, 2008 13:07
Actually I mentioned it to Mega (more like didn't even know it wasn't scrolling properly and said it for no reason at all:]) whilst using HACIRC 2 before you joined. Thanks for the update Megagun.
written by Dark_light7100 on Jul 08, 2008 00:38
I downloaded and extracted the files but it comes up with some weird error messege saying: This application has failed to start because qtinf70.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
rose pony is best pony
written by Starchaser on Jul 08, 2008 05:42
Try looking for it here http://www.dlldll.com/

If you do find it just cut and past the .dll into your system32 directory... thats if your running windows XP
written by Dark_light7100 on Jul 18, 2008 01:54
I found the file but where is the system32 directory? Thanks for your help by the way.
resident lurker
written by Ponder s on Jul 18, 2008 13:00
If you're running XP, it should be something like, 'C:\WINDOWS\system32'
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