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written by Darkwind on Jul 03, 2008 22:52
I'm sure I'll feel stupid when someone points out a quick way to solve my dilemma, but I can't think of one, so here goes:

I've been exploring Felysia a little, to find ruins and whatnot. So, I land in a quadrant (I didn't track the coordinates, unfortunately) and begin exploring. I immediately notice some obviously Felysian-made giant trenches in the ground. By some freak accident or nother, I fall into one. I don't go down far, fortunately; however, remembering the horrors that happened when I tried to climb up near-sheer cliffs before, I decided to see what was at the bottom (the bottom was so far down I couldn't see it). So I take a dive, and, after a few seconds, fall into something--leaving me in my present situation.

The entire landscape is almost puke-green. There's a couple lifeforms down here, but they aren't moving. I can barely see any walls, and I can't move past a pole (for lack of a better word) that I seem to have landed next to. I'm not sure whether I've landed on a secret underground surface, I've just landed in a trench and my Felysian is currently hallucinating, or if I've gone straight to the Felysian version of hell (hope that word won't land me straight in ban-camp, heh). Anyone have any idea how I can get out?
written by Raptorjedi on Jul 04, 2008 00:34
You could try climbing the walls. If that doesn't work, just close the game and look under data for the surface.bin and delete it. That will put you back in the stardrifter. Don't delete anything else, just that.
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written by Starchaser on Jul 04, 2008 03:02
You are most definatly in felysian HELL!!! Where hoppers are forced to walk and chargers are forced to hop. gliders scrape the ground and birds explode when you catch them. where a magnetic pole will find you and hold you till you remove your bio implant by claw. there is much more but they are to terrible to even speak of... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
written by Deanfrz on Jul 04, 2008 04:50
Is this NICE hell, or normal hell? Also, post coords and pics!!!!
written by Darkwind on Jul 04, 2008 13:23
This is normal Noctis IV hell. Also, it's storming now, and thus not puke-green, but black. I didn't take screenshots yesterday, unfortunately, and thus you guys get pictures of a badly-lit, storming hole-in-the-ground. Also, I have no idea where to find the coordinates, but aI've got a sneaking suspicion that the numbers 226.66:4.8, after "SNC" on the top of the screen, have something to do with it. Oh, yeah, and pics:

I'm sure they're poor quality, but I doubt the pictures will get much better then that since I can't move. Hmm, after looking at these pictures, I see that the Location Parsis bit at the bottom doesn't show up when I turn on Noctis.
written by Deanfrz on Jul 05, 2008 00:19
Ugh, having a heck of time on approach.

That SNC number is the sector number followed by your location within sector. So any picture is exactly what one would need to find the location.

Maybe you fell into some catnip?

Well, anyways, I've dropped into orbit and about to descend. Maybe I'll be able to find this trench.

See you on the ground.

EDIT: No sign of the trench. However, at the location of the photos, I found a large, linear ruin. Disappointing, I ran east, to engage in a bit of mesa diving. Detailed report forthcoming.

EDIT2: Report in Discoveries.
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written by Darkwind on Jul 05, 2008 13:19
Thanks for your help! I deleted Surface.bin and re-entered the area (while it was dark and storming), and I couldn't find the trenches that I was stuck under. I did find a tree on a pyramid, though. At least I've escaped from Felysian hell (or a mechanical deathtrap, or catnip).

One final question - why are chargers called chargers? Am I even talking about the right thing (the slow-moving things that look like little transparent crystals surrounded by +s)? It seems more ironic than anything.
written by Deanfrz on Jul 06, 2008 07:46
An early encounter with a particularly aggressive variety of the quadruped resulted in the explorer being charged(or perhapses run past).

Of course, I have no idea where that particular variety resides, or even if that's the correct story of their origins.
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