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written by Dr apricot on Jul 04, 2008 05:55
Alright, so I download noctis,
I install it, open it and the screen goes black and does nothing. I usually press alt-tab and then close it, if that helps.

I used to love playing noctis about 2
years ago, then my computer got
hacked, long story short, I had to
reinstall various programs the dude
who fixed it couldnt save. Noctis
was one of them.

In the past i've reinstalled it and got it running for a couple of days and then it goes back to the black screen. That doesn't happen often, though. please help! Being deprived
from noctis is a fate noone should
five tons of flax!
written by Perryrhodan on Jul 04, 2008 10:42
It would be helpful if you told us which operating system you're using because Noctis doesn't behave the same way on every one. Also, you might want to try playing NICE instead of Noctis IV if you don't insist on the vanilla version
doing pushups
written by Megagun on Jul 04, 2008 12:44
Here's some stuff...

*Try deleting the CURRENT.BIN and SURFACE.BIN files in your DATA folder if they exist, and try again.
*Run noctis.exe (which is in the MODULES folder) through the commandline (cmd.exe) and see if it gives you an error.
*Move Noctis to c:\ (so that you get c:\noctis\go!.exe) if it's not in there. Noctis doesn't like loooooong pathnames such as c:\documents and settings\my awesome user\my documents\noctis\....
*Get NICE and see if that wants to work.
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. /../need help with starting noctis/ 1
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