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written by Interfect on Jul 10, 2008 06:38
Hello all!
I recently converted my laptop to Linux. Everything works just fine, but Noctis is refusing to run. When I try to run it under Wine, it complains about not being able to get its extra-special favorite spot in memory. When I disable the security checks that prevent that, something else goes wrong (I forget the exact message, but the point is, it still doesn't work.) When I try to run it under DOSBox, it complains that it can't run in DOS mode. So, seeing as several flavors of the source are available, what are the chances of getting Noctis to build and run natively on Linux? Or, has anyone else found a reasonably successful way to play Noctis on Linux? I'd hate to always have to use my Windows desktop (which also is refusing to run the game right now, but that may need to be another thread).
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written by Megagun on Jul 10, 2008 12:33
I'm not sure about the vanilla Noctis IV, but I managed to get NICE to work.. Use dosemu, not dosbox..

See: http://0x44.com/postline/posts.php?t=3724

EDIT: at the time of writing, I did know how to run vanilla under Linux, and I remember now... You're probably trying to run GO!.exe, which is basically just a launcher to modules/noctis.exe. So instead of running GO!.exe under Dosemu, run noctis.exe in the modules folder..
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written by Perryrhodan on Jul 10, 2008 15:57
The Windows port of NICE (DWnoctis.exe) works with Wine, too.
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