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written by Wavesheep on Jul 16, 2008 21:14
Hey! I just started playing (or trying to) recently, but the program refuses to start.

What I mean is, when I launch the .exe, the program apppears to launch, the screen turns black for less than a second, then the screen flashes back to normal, and nothing has changed. No new programs are running, and there is no error message.

I searched for my case on the forums, but no luck.

I'm running Xp sp 2, and neither NOCTIS IV nor NICE work.
written by Tiger on Jul 25, 2008 09:31
what are your computer specs?

i'm trying to put together a small theory on this problem, and since I have been able to execute NIV on XP SP2 with hardware as new as an AMD 64 3200+, then I guess it's either something with the c2ds or the newer socket AM2 Athlons and Phenoms.

a friend of mine with a c2d e6600 has problems with NIV in XP SP2 as well, except for an additional error message.
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. /../Problem Starting Noctis/ 1
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