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written by Virtualmatter on Aug 04, 2008 22:09
Hi, I've been playing NICE for a while now. But I've actually never checked out inboxes. I dont' exactly understand what they are. Is it just a map of the universe that everybody is slowly exploring? Also where would I download the latest inbox and what directory do i put it in?


written by Mopedslug on Aug 05, 2008 12:53
The inboxes contain updated information on the different solar-systems.
Try to CAT or CATOLD the system "Signpost 43" ie. - if you have an outdated starmap, it wont show information on the location of that system.
written by Tiger on Aug 06, 2008 12:58
in short, an inbox contains information from outboxes that other noctis players collect. The outboxes are then collected by Alex (I think) and made into an inbox with updated names for new discoveries (solar system names, planets etc.).

There hasn't been new inboxes for some time AFAIK though
written by Mopedslug on Aug 06, 2008 17:51
If you wanna update your starmap, please download the NICE R11.6a Cryoburner Edition - its in the realeases section. With that download comes a program called SyncStarmap.exe
Run it and your Starmap and GUIDE is updated. All your own discoveries will be terminated upon upgrading to R11.6a, so make sure to have them sent to Megagun with an old version of SyncStarmap.exe before you do that.
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written by Megagun on Aug 06, 2008 18:05
(Or just post the outbox.7z file on the CDisk and PM me about it, and I'll have it included.. I'd prefer that, since the e-mail address syncstarmapper tells you to send the file to might be outdated. The new syncstarmapper will tell you about a working e-mail address though)

Alternatively, I think you could just make a backup of your DATA folder, get R11.6a, restore the DATA folder, and use syncstarmapper to get updates and build an outbox.. That *should* work, too...
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. /../Inboxes and such/ 1
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