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written by Mopedslug on Aug 05, 2008 13:05
I know theres a thread for the NICE-downloads, but its pretty damn,well - loaded with stuff.

I think it would be a major help for new drifters if we could get a link and an instruction on just how to get the newest NICE, as well as the SyncStarmap that works with it (it would help me too, btw, as I don't seem to be able to find a matching pair of programs; SyncStarmap and NICE)
My version of NICE is currently 11.5
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written by Megagun on Aug 05, 2008 15:35
It's up, codenamed 'Cryoburner Edition' since it basically contains the same binaries as Cryoburner would link you to..

(Did do minor changes to syncstarmap, though: changed the e-mail address and location of the starmap..)
written by Mopedslug on Aug 05, 2008 18:36
Thanks a bunch! =)

Can it be true though, that all my own entries before the update, is gone?
(its not that Im THAT sorry, there were quite a lot, but with such an old computer bank, something ought to go wrong once in a while - in other words, the data loss I choose to view as part of the game universe)
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written by Megagun on Aug 05, 2008 19:05
Well, you should have used a patched syncstarmapper.exe to send your data off to me before you upgraded, yes...
written by Mopedslug on Aug 05, 2008 19:18
I thought so, but too late =p

I updated the manual to contain info on how to use SyncStarmap instead of the old inbox/outbox system. You can update the Cryoburner Ed to include the new version manual..
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