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written by E_net4 on Oct 16, 2010 23:56
2006? That isn't so long ago.
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written by Trad.a on Oct 18, 2010 21:30
Especially since this thread started in 2003.
written by Markornikov on Sep 25, 2011 07:46
Who would have thought that even Duke Nukem Forever would be released earlier than Noctis V.

Ok technically Alex still has 4 years left to set a new record

ps: I'm not a new member, but after almost 10 years i've long forgotten my original username
written by E_net4 on Sep 25, 2011 10:52
Oh well... welcome back, anyway!

It's a pity, but it is now known that Noctis V hasn't been under development at all for quite a while. Linoleum 2, the language being used for Noctis V, is slightly incomplete, and Alex has lost interest in programming before even this was finished.

So the thing is: don't wait for Noctis V. If you still hope for it to come out, we must expect our favourite programmer back first.
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written by Albeyamakiir on Sep 25, 2011 10:59
To be honest, I believe he will program again. When he declared that he wouldn't, he hadn't been not programming for very long. I'm sure he'll miss it eventually.

Not that we should expect anything in particular, though. Just because I believe he'll return to programming, doesn't mean I believe he'll return to Noctis.
written by Cryoburner on Sep 25, 2011 20:55
Didn't he just post a little over a week ago that...

Alex said:
Finally, perhaps more interestingly to remote visitors of this blog, I'm preparing the future of Postline and... caressing the intention to bring the other, computer-side, projects to some more complete state."
That sounds like programming to me. : P Probably not Noctis right now, but I find it likely that at some point in the future he'll return to working on a new exploration-type game, whether Noctis or otherwise.

Markornikov said:
Who would have thought that even Duke Nukem Forever would be released earlier than Noctis V. : |
Yeah, but Duke Nukem Forever was arguably not finished, and was just botched together by a different studio after being taken away from its original developers. I don't think that counts. : )
written by Kristos on Nov 16, 2013 02:26
Torisek said:
Now seriously, I wish NV will happen... Before 2012, hehe.
Now, don't be hasty, master Merriadoc.
written by Grisha5 on Aug 05, 2015 03:01
i'd like more galaxies.MOAR GALAXIES!!!!!!! *ahem* galaxy cluster
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written by Speeder on Aug 05, 2015 03:52

We managed to stay silent for two years, and then you go and do it again! Now you extended the release date by 4 years or something like that.
written by Grisha5 on Aug 05, 2015 06:30
mmaybe i delayed it by 10 minutes because you know, he created the first galaxy using a random generator, right? soooo wouldnt take long to make 10 more
written by Grisha5 on Aug 05, 2015 06:37
as a rule of thumb, really this barely has effect on the release date, maybe he will release NV in 2 days
written by E_net4 on Sep 08, 2015 10:11
Grisha5 said:
as a rule of thumb, really this barely has effect on the release date, maybe he will release NV in 2 days
Aww, look how naive you sound.

...Now that I think of it, I bumped the thread too... Darn it.
written by Markornikov on Aug 01, 2016 15:32
Noctis MMXVI is released in t-minus 8 days.
written by Sylverone on Jan 26, 2020 15:25
You know what? Noctis V can stay behind the Veil of Infinite Possibilities for as long as it likes. I think it's just gathering power, waiting for the right vessel. Every now and then a discarded and distorted spark of it's light flares into our reality, emerging as a game such as Spore or No Man's Sky.

Unconsciously, people sense it out there, trying to crystalize into reality. That's why the hype for these games is so irrepressable and crushing. NV wants to be born. Maybe it never will be. Or, maybe someone else will make it, guided invisibly, unknowing, enraptured...

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