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written by Xxitheworld on Aug 19, 2008 17:08
Megagun updated the inbox this morning so I ran syncstarmapper.

To my surprise, it deleted my latest entries (Everything I had named after sending my outbox)

I was a little pissed but it doesn't matter that much, I only lost 8 or 9 entries.

But now the real problem is: Syncstarmapper won't work anymore, everytime I run it, I get this:


(All the bodies named in the error log are bodies I named and sent with my outbox)

So, anyone knows how to fix this??
written by Mopedslug on Aug 19, 2008 17:31
Strange - I just downloaded the map, no probs.
I do however not see Serpens GUIDE-notes on his planets...
Just says "no entries.. bla bla"
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Sep 02, 2008 03:02
There must be a bug in it somewhere... If there isn't, I don't think that shouldt have happened. Hmm. Not to mention it shouldn't have lost any entries.

What's happening is that it's looking at a planet's or moon's data entry in the starmap3.map file, and it's seeing that it has nextAlternateFP set to something other than 0. That means that the starmap has more than one name for that planet/moon.

However, when it tries to look up the alternate name, it can't find the record for it. That's what's causing the error spam and the crash.

Hrm. Well, you could try deleting starmap3.map, starmap3.gd, starmap3.usr, and starmap-version.txt in the data folder (which will remove anything you added which isn't already in the remote guide that megagun's running), and then re-run syncstarmap to get new ones? I don't remember if that'll download them properly, but I think so.

By the way, your lost entries aren't necessarily completely lost. If the problem is figured out and fixed, and a new SyncStarmap version is released... SyncStarmap should have backed up your old starmap3 files into a data/backups/ folder before modifying them. Who knows, maybe the bug will be simple. (Or maybe not)

(Or, considering it's been half a month before I even noticed this thread, and mega definitely didn't respond, since he probably had no idea what the problem could be... probably I'll have to find the problem myself when I have time )
absent more than alex
written by Shadowlord on Dec 21, 2008 09:12
Thoughts on this and the missing guide entries. Posting here mostly as a note for myself about the problem, and as a straight quote from IRC because it's after 4 AM.

<SL> Megasleep, when you wake up: Do you still happen to have any outboxes and stuff from someone who said they had more guide entries in them than ended up in the resulting inbox?
<SL> like serpens in http://anywherebb.com/postline/posts.php?t=4074
<SL> so the outboxes can be checked to make sure NICE was writing out all the guide entries
* SL looks at time
<SL> Mega should wake up soon
<SL> also createinbox3 normally said 'The outbox says there are %i map entries and %i guide entries' for each outbox
<SL> if that said a higher number of guide entries than it said ended up in the inbox, we'd know it was a problem processing or reading them from the outbox instead
<SL> (probably)
<SL> the crashing and deleting of entries, from what I posted before, somehow an invalid pointer got into a pointer field in at least one entry the starmap?
<SL> bodies have a pointer to their star system entry, all objects have a pointer for an alternate name entry
<SL> Additional checking could be added to verify that these are going to valid objects, maybe
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