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written by Neuzd on May 02, 2011 13:46
INBOX 2011_05
Download: cd/zips/Neuzd/inbox_2011_05 (31 Kb)

Please rename the above file, once downloaded, to "INBOX.ZIP", then move the file into the "DATA" folder of your Noctis IV installation, and finally enter Noctis, place in front of the GOES console screen (the first screen alongside the window on the ship's left wall), type "INBOX" and press the ENTER key.

Processing the inbox will take several minutes to complete, during which the game will seem to have freezed, but it isn't true.
You can also use a program called inbox32 to update your files, which is a lot faster.
It is strongly suggested that you download this release of the program (1.2), if you wish to use this method.
cd/zips/Neuzd/inbox32 (35 Kb)
Place the program in the root directory of your Noctis installation and run it from a DOS window (ie: it is not a GOES module and cannot be run from the in-game computer).

Note for people who just downloaded Noctis
The main game archive has been updated on May, 8th 2011, and you will be owning updated copies of the starmap and the galactic guide, so you do not need to download this file too.
If you downloaded the main NIV package prior to this date, simply replace the files STARMAP.BIN and GUIDE.BIN in the "data" folder of your Noctis installation, with the ones contained in this archive: cd/zips/Neuzd/data_2011_05 (1241 Kb)

Note for people who just downloaded NIVPlus
You don't have to do anything; NIVPlus has been updated with the latest starmap files!
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