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Noctis IV Companion Programs
Over time, handy programs for Noctis has been released by both Alex himself, and other users. Here's some of them:
Noctis IV Source Code

This might not be strictly a companion program, but its the full source-code for Noctis I-IV (aka "The Gargantuan Mess of Hacks" ) - it has italian instructions, but nothing a translator can't handle.

The code is written in C++ and Assembly, it's released under limited license - the code is still the property of Alessandro Ghignola; and if you want to download it, you will have to agree that no rip-offs, or redistributions will take place without Alex's agreement. Please click here to see what kind of changes you are allowed to make to the code and the terms for distributing those alterations.

The code includes the sound-effects (!) seen in Noctis II (stored as VOC-files, playable in Winamp), pluss some selected 3D-models from the game, viewable in the predesessor to Pitagora Scenery Editor, called PolyVert - you can use PolyVert to view NCC-files, simply re-name the *.ncc-file you want to see, to the name Polyvert.ncc, and then launch the Polyvert.exe

As for the code itself, well, its split into different files, and surfing it is quite fun (make sure you have a dictionery/translator handy, though). Even if you're not a programmer, the code includes a lot of history, and also comments and explinations.
So, here it is, the source-code for a parallel universe:
Noctis Source Code:
cd/zips/Stargazer/nivsrc (595 Kb)
Last updated on the 2nd of January 2005; NoctisMapper now includes support for Java 1.5, so it is highly recomended that you update the Java-version on your computer if you have not done so already. For more information on the update, please visit this thread.

NoctisMapper is probably one of, if not THE most important fan-written Noctis tool ever constructed.
It's programmed in Java (and therefore requires that Java is installed on your system, link is provided), and is made by Master Drifter and Noctis member Peek.

What does it do exactly? Well, here's some of its features:

  • Presents a 3D, zoomable map of explored stars in the galaxy
  • Makes it easy to read log-entries on any star and worlds with an easy-to-use interface
  • Allows real-time presentation of your ships position in the galaxy (derived from current.bin)
  • Build-in link with Frespych - anywhereBB's minichat
  • Allows for easy course planning of the Drifter
  • Connects to this server - AnywhereBB.com, to attain the position of other drifters in the galaxy in real-time
  • Other features which is covered in the readme

Belive me, this is a program every StarDrifter should have; so don't delay, download today!
cd/zips/Peek/noctismapper (303 Kb)
...is a powerful starmap reader system; you can look up notes about any stars and planets, and their position in the galaxy. It was among the first fan-written tools for Noctis IV, made in 2002 by Zebu.
Remember to launch it in the DOS-prompt, and I recommend reading the readme-file to get the most out of it.
cd/zips/Lkraider/noctibox (343 Kb)
(also thanks to LKraider for uploading it to the C-disk, and Skinnymon for the included help-file).
It's called EVOLVESM. Source code is included and freely modificable/redistributable. It's not considered part of the Noctis IV package, although Alex did write it. Must be executed from the DOS Prompt, and needs Noctis IV to be installed in the folder "C:\Noctis". Should not be difficult to use, and produces both a binary output (starmap2.bin), and a text readout (starmap.txt) in the DATA folder.
Initially made for porting the Noctis IV galaxy to NV, EvolveSM is now available for download. It reverse-engineers the parsis-coordinates for stars in Noctis; a good tool for mapping the explored parts of the galaxy.
Evolvesm has been used in NoctisMapper, where it played a crucial role in gaining the parsis coordinates for explored stars.
cd/zips/Stargazer/evolvesm (16 Kb)
Felisian Desktop Clock
Yup, you heard me right; this is an desktop clock, programmed in Lino, syncronized with Universal Time Coordinated (UTC), fully skinnable, and counting in Felisian Epocs.

Here's how it works:

Epoc (NOT EPOCH, which is an undefined, huge period of time, according to the dictionary) equals to one billion Earth's seconds, or 31.5 Earth years. Then there are the three triads, which are dexter (1 million seconds), medius (1 thousand seconds), and sinister (1 second) :

  • Triad dexter (TD) = 11 days, 13 hours, 46 min, 40 sec
  • Triad medius (TM) = 16 min, 40 sec
  • Triad sinister (TS) = 1 sec

The skin may be changed by manipulating it with a painting tool, providing you will then save it back as a truecolor TGA picture file, having 24 or 32 bits per pixel (16 million colours), and an exact size of 136x24 pixels. Such an image takes approximately 6 Kb. If you remove the skin file from the clock's folder, the clock will use the default skin.
By the way... Epoc 6012 will start exactly on:

September 10, 2015
1:46:40 A.M.

So, remember to spare a bottle of champagne to that date!
Felisian Desktop Clock
cd/zips/Alex/felisian clock (20 Kb)
ps. [by Alex]: I've uploaded the most recent version, Skinny's one was a bit outdated and wasn't really synched with UTC. The linked one now is.
The Galactic Odyssey
Not strictly a program, but a soundtrack made by Resident Dreamer Mruqe. The Galactic Odyssey is fractal music, and may therefore not fit everyones taste, but that does not stop me from posting it here.
The Galactic Odyssey Soundtrack
cd/zips/Lkraider/the galactic odyssey (232 Kb)
Noctis Updater
This handy little program from LKRaider checks for updates to the Noctis inbox, so you don't have to return here every time you want to check. It downloads the new inbox automaticly, but you'll still need to parse it as usual.
Noctis Updater
cd/zips/Stargazer/noctis updater (156 Kb)
Note: Now that Noctis has this new homepage, Inbox Updater may not work as it should anymore.
Noctis Bootdisk
It's a boot disk, designed by Lkraider for systems which have problems running Noctis. In the authors own words:
LKRaider said:
I made a Noctis Bootdisk, based on the DOS 7.1 (the one from Windows98), to run the recent Noctis IV (with the full starmap and guide and all modules).

Features, Requirements and Limitations:
    + Requires no HD at all to run, everything is on the disk;

    + Your location is always saved to disk and loaded on next run;

    + So are your outboxes, if any;

    + Unfortunatly, pics are not saved (hey, there's only 30kb to spare =P);

    + Should work on most PC's, I think*

*I have tested it on my PC, and under Bochs (default virtual machine with 32mb ram); so, if it doesn't works for you, let me know.
New Noctis IV releases (yeah, right ), anyway, they could eventually be placed directly on the disk, you only need to rename the file to NIV.zip (well, delete the manuals and any files you don't need first).

I think this bootdisk could be useful for other games aswell, as with this you get 625kb conventional memory free.
[Update on November 23rd, 2004:]
+ I added the option to select the Mouse Driver (changed to the stable CuteMouse 1.9 (instead of the beta I was using before), and also added a 1994 generic one (tell me if it doesn't work there).

+ Also, I improved the batch files a lot, and now it takes advantage if it finds a HD on the machine, and saves your pics there (it asks if you wish to save them when you exit Noctis - that's only if you took any, also =P ).
Also, it won't overwrite previous pics on that directory, and names them in serial order correctly.

+ The RamDisk now installs at Z:, to avoid any conflicts with other drives.

+ The free space on the disk is now 48kb (more than before) =P

DOS is still 7.1, because some programs I was using refused to work on 3.3 and I didn't want to start from scratch a new system. And to have more space on the disk is not an issue, if you got a HD to save your pics ; )
Noctis Bootdisk
Noctis Bootdisk.
Further additions will be posted as they appear.

Shadowclaw edit: I have removed Galloc at Megagun's request, due to it no longer being available.
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