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written by Alex on Jul 07, 2005 22:23
INBOX 2005_01
Download: cd/zips/Alex/inbox_2005_01 (685 Kb)

Please rename the above file, once downloaded, to "INBOX.ZIP", then move the file into the "DATA" folder of your Noctis IV installation, and finally enter Noctis, place in front of the GOES console screen (the first screen alongside the window on the ship's left wall), type "INBOX" and press the ENTER key.

Processing the inbox will take several minutes to complete, during which the game will seem to have freezed, but it isn't true.


It's been a long time, obviously too long.
There also has been problems with
the outbox files from the following explorers:


They may re-submit their data,
after remaking the outbox file.
I don't know what went wrong,
but the problem was that there
were some extra codes (CR/LF)
between the records, as if something
tried to insert a carriage return
inside their files.
I'm not sure where this problem
arised, but let's see if it happens again.
Eh, you know... this update system is way too old, as well as NIV.

Let me say one thing: I'll strive to get a working alpha release of Noctis V (yes, you're reading it well), to be here within next autumn. I rely on summer time and the extra free time I will be getting to complete a reasonably working release.

Before falling to the floor, remember that Noctis V is NOT a mythological creature or an alternative reality of sorts... it's just a program, just the plain sequel to Noctis IV, ok?
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