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written by Neuzd on Dec 16, 2008 20:19
INBOX 2008_12
Download: cd/zips/Neuzd/inbox_2008_12 (310 Kb)

Please rename the above file, once downloaded, to "INBOX.ZIP", then move the file into the "DATA" folder of your Noctis IV installation, and finally enter Noctis, place in front of the GOES console screen (the first screen alongside the window on the ship's left wall), type "INBOX" and press the ENTER key.

Processing the inbox will take several minutes to complete, during which the game will seem to have freezed, but it isn't true.

Now, if you did just download Noctis.ZIP, the main game archive, you will be owning updated copies of the starmap and the galactic guide, so you do not need to download this file too.

Notes by neuzd:
After almost 4 years of silence a new inbox update is finally available!
I'm taking charge of periodically releasing new inbox updates, you're invited once again to submit your outboxes via the "tell us" form, found in the navigation bar at the top of this site.

I tried to collect old outboxes sent in from users during these years of darkness and with help from Alex, we recovered most of the files and finally included them in this new release.

You may have noticed the smaller size of this update in confront of the previous one.
My guess is that probably, users lost hope in new updates and sent their outboxes with decreasing frequency, from 2005 onward.
About even older ones we had, there were a lot of them that contained data already imported.
Several others were also corrupted and since so much time has passed I wasn't sure if trying to fix them was worth the effort.

What else to say...I'll try to keep the updates constant with the flow of files sent in by explorers.

My fellow Stardrifters, this is for real: we're still mapping Feltyrion.
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