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lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Oct 09, 2016 19:41
October 9th, 2016: the mstats mystery

Well, it happened that Firefox stopped loading our login panel in the left frame. After trying hard to solve the mystery considering recent changes to the Postline scripts (such as for fixing https links in posts, making them clickable), Cryo discovered the name of the login panel (previously mstats.php) was some kind of "censored" name attributed to a mobile tracker site.

The solution was renaming mstats.php to just "login.php", and I might have replaced all occurrences of "mstats" in all scripts and navigation bars, but should you find some outdated links, please report them.

Ps. "mstats" was probably named back in 2002, as the contraction of "member statistics", probably because in the very early prototype of Postline that page wasn't used for logging in and out, or registering, given that I vaguely remember those things were done by typing commands in the chat prompt. But that panel was probably reporting statistics like the number of messages posted, and things like that. It then maintained its name despite being given forms for logging in and out and for registering accounts. Just out of curiosity...
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