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written by Alex on Sep 08, 2015 22:00
September 8th, 2015: a new beginning?
Epoc 6012 is approaching. I suppose I should feel weird after realizing how much time has passed, but I guess it'd be rather useless to feel weird, so maybe I'd just pretend the passing of time was irrelevant.

Anyway, happy new Epoc!

about what may the new Epoc, and my um... "comeback" here, mean, well... I've been in fact cooking up something, but it's still early to see wonders come out of it, or to be 100% sure there will be something coming out of it. I've been doing many things unrelated to this site, or computers in general. But among them, I've also been trying to develop the next L.in.oleum, still having in mind just the original plan to have it power Noctis V, but at the same time making it a more complete, less "personal-tool-like", language.

Pretty soon, L.in.oleum 4 will be here. It's a completely new world and it'd take a lot of time to post details about it. But I guess I can briefly outline it: L.in.oleum 4 is no longer limited to 5 registers (it enables upto 26, one for each letter of the alphabet), it's heaped (it no longer features a monolithic "workspace"), it's multithreaded, and yes, it's even object-oriented. Outside its most low-level aspects (like when you write code in optimized functions), it also looks remarkably readable.

I tendentially like it, hope I'll not be alone. It... just grew up, I guess it's a good thing.
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