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lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Oct 13, 2003 01:31
Home Of The Underdogs
90% of the Noctis people here came from there. And for those few who may not know, here's a link you won't forget. Nah, I can't believe you don't know HOTU. But here's the link. You never know.
(And we're even mentioned in the Belated Hall Of Fame) [Hey, it's near the bottom of page two of simulators, but it's a start And we're ahead of Orbiter.]

RjB Software
Someone who knows what the internet is all about, and the developer of Evowok, an RPG where you can breed wild legendary beasts. Oh, and the guy who wrote the Noctis IV manual and MIDI soundtrack. Recent freeware releases include XG Arena, Afterlife, and Orbital Snake 2.

Sir Mustapha's MIDI Corner
True works of art in MIDI format. Rare and beautiful. Sincerely, personal suggestion: get there and take the albums. Then listen to Water...

The Roy Scott Free Site
Home of Basically Programming and the Programmer's Haven forum, which cover many different languages and programming styles. You can also find free ebooks and other various things of interest.
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