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the bestest ever
written by Medeivalstargazer on Nov 29, 2008 22:08
Loneliness is a part of life, and part of being an individual. There will be points when you feel you are really connecting with another person, though. Those will feel like the best of times when it first happens, but you will soon realize that a little alone time, and time to think, and have to yourself, can be a nice thing : P. Take advantage of that loneliness, use it to think, ponder, spend time doing things like reading, learning. Learn who you are. No one expects you to know at this age, or even to find out for many years yet, but it is a good thing to think about. Consider what matters to you, what you find important. What your morals are, et cetera. Consider no time 'wasted time'. Every experience you have affects who you are.
written by Onforty on Nov 30, 2008 09:12
Ok thanks
written by Deanfrz on Nov 30, 2008 09:52
Shit, this guy sounds just like me except I dont type obnoxious all over the the freespych.
written by Buuks on Nov 30, 2008 23:45
By making this thread you just fit in here.

I still feel I fit in here, even when I haven't made a post in months.
written by Monty on Dec 14, 2008 00:28
The trick for the whole teenage idenity dilema is to just except its going to be a while before you've got a clue and to hang on through the rollercoast insecurity years till you can get to some rollercoaster fun years. For most that's some time in their twenties, but we're all different.
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Dec 14, 2008 14:46
hm... since I came back, I only saw you posting a few messages and that poll on a Crystal Pixels forum. About that poll, I get the general feeling that you either tried to make it sound fun, or test our reaction to answer the same question you placed in the title of this thread. In the latter case, I suppose we didn't pass the test, and reacted as you expected (or feared, maybe).

If I were you, I'd try to conform more to a place rather than "test" it to see if it matches my expectations, as there's probably no place perfectly matching one's expectations. It gives less problems. Unless, of course, problems are what you seek for.
written by Onforty on Dec 15, 2008 14:21
I dont seek problems, but i keep looking like i am. maybe because i try to approach problems then when it gets very worse then i silently stop yelling and crying. But this was a real post. alot of stuff you explain to makes no sense to me, manual exclusion? what the heck is that?
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Dec 15, 2008 18:30
uhm... if my post didn't make sense to you, then we're even. Your reply makes no sense to me as well. Maybe I should have been talking less abstractly: I meant, starting a thread equivalent to...

Do you like Crystal Pixels?
- yes
- no, and I hate Alex

Means, unless the voter in fact hated me, quite obviously compelling voters to either vote yes or abstain. In the best case, the whole thing would look like a joke. In the worst case, well... it's no surprise someone decides to ignore you, eventually hoping to get you automatically banned. That poll was objectively upsetting out of mere common sense, not as a matter of "being as you are".
written by Onforty on Dec 16, 2008 15:51
Sorry alex, sorry for shitting in your forum. maybe i should stop shitting all over the freespych and clean it up instead. <-- i just talked very abstract or whatever you want to call it.
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Dec 17, 2008 12:39
Great! Your apologies are easily accepted, thank you.
You didn't shit much, after all.
written by Onforty on Dec 17, 2008 13:10
Yay thanks

Anyway, im taking my time making afterdeath now..
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