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written by Onforty on Nov 22, 2008 16:58
Is it possible?
i would wish wish WISH that you could.
if i try booting it from virtual pc then it just say something like: it appears that it is not an ROM file.
written by Cryoburner on Nov 22, 2008 17:28
I know Alex was able to boot Hactar from a flash drive on his EeePC. It's possible that he made some modifications to his copy though. : P

Someone also posted a pre-made disk image of Hactar in this thread, which I believe VirtualPC should be able to load. I've loaded Hactar in VirtualPC before, though I think the graphical mode didn't work. It may with newer releases though. One advantage VirtualPC had over emulators like Bochs and DOSBox is that it ran Hactar a lot faster.
doing pushups
written by Megagun on Nov 22, 2008 17:32
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. /../Hactar bootup via an usb?/ 1
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