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written by Onforty on Nov 26, 2008 13:46
I made some computer art and now i wanna show you guys it.
its soon on my c-disc



and other pictures. (you can find it in my c-disc)

How annoying. well just find it in my c-disc PPPPPPPPPPPPP
"gheeh!" (c)h.azuma
written by Yayo on Nov 27, 2008 00:30
hmm.. I watched the fish picture, but I'm not sure what exactly is supposed to mean.. : P
it's just a sequence of chars over a yellow background, isn't it?
is that some kind of a code?
: ?

anyway, there's a syntax to add pictures to your posts. : )

when you look at your pictures through the CD (community disk) button, you'll see your picture with some information written below, like these:
owner: Onforty
saved: November 26, 2008 13:49
dimensions: 666 x 666 pixels, 647 kb.
emote: none
URL: http://anywherebb.com/postline/cd/pngs/gH9fKj8ij16fTkAf.png
to post your picture as a clickable link you can insert the 1st line prepending the link word and enclosing all between < and >, like this:
<link cd/pngs/Onforty/fish.png>
or you can simply copy and paste the url, which is in the last line:
if you want to embed the picture to be visible directly in the post use only cd/pngs/Onforty/fish.png between < and > but without the link word.
REMEMBER TO AVOID to embed big pictures or too many pictures on the same page. Big pictures tend to enlarge the posts frame, while many pictures on the same page are annoying for people who don't have broadband since they take ages to load up.
: )

oh. another thing.
I noticed that you're impatient to discuss with people here. You opened many threads lately and also asked for people to reply to you.

as I said you already, this place has some "quiet" periods, while people discuss almost nothing. it's quite normal.

I'm afraid that being such in a hurry you risk to obtain nothing and to be disappointed.
also someone could be annoyed by this. : /
Please be patient, and be confident that if your discussion is interesting people will reply. don't ask them to do it. it will not work.
And avoid to open too many threads in a row. : P

; )

written by Xenomorph on Nov 27, 2008 00:41
Can I just correct you there, yayo? You don't actually use the .png at the end of the cdisk link. So the link would be

Just FYI
written by Jaxe'd on Nov 27, 2008 00:49
I thought about that same thing, Xenomorph. But I just tried it in a mock reply and it seems to work both ways.
Most people omit the file extension, however.
written by Cryoburner on Nov 27, 2008 04:10
I know that didn't work before. Alex must have silently fixed it when patching a security vulnerability or something. At least it matches the address listed below C-disk images now. : )
written by Onforty on Nov 27, 2008 09:33
Roght sorry.
im just used to getting reply's quite quick, but at the other forums i always got flamed
written by Jaxe'd on Nov 27, 2008 12:41
Well, one sure way to get flamed or ignored is to create a ton of new topics rapidly. Especially if there is already a topic open related to what you're starting a new topic for...

Just be careful about that...
written by Onforty on Nov 27, 2008 15:28
"gheeh!" (c)h.azuma
written by Yayo on Nov 27, 2008 23:39
Xenomorph said:«Can I just correct you there, yayo?»

oh, yeah. sure! I just did copy/paste and didn't notice I left the extension. sorry. : P

: )

written by Jaxe'd on Nov 27, 2008 23:47
Actually, you helped us realize that it works either way, Yayo. I didn't know it worked both ways until this was brought to my attention. Nice work!
written by Onforty on Nov 29, 2008 14:15
Thanks, if its me you mean..
written by Onforty on Dec 17, 2008 13:20
I cant remember but i think it means FIsh or a kind of Fish i just wrote it in some symbolic font in Paint .net
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