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doing pushups
written by Megagun on Dec 25, 2008 00:56
Okay, so this is a lame rehash from last year, but still..



Mandatory for everyone!

Have fun!
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krasnyj bibliotekar
written by Serpens on Dec 25, 2008 02:07
First, for me, clicking the link gave a 404 error, but changing 'RAR' to 'rar' led to the correct link.

Second, hah, really good! By the way, a short while after landing a canyon appeared just below my feet (such things never happen even in cartoons!), and as the result, I was able to photograph the lander sitting on nothingness. A bit later, ground reappeared in the same place. But I don't think this was the part of a christmas suprise. Here's a small collection of screenshots.

cd/rars/Serpens/gallery (126 Kb)
written by 4616599 on Dec 25, 2008 11:21
I must say I like it! I managed to make two animated gifs from it:

WARNING:Large files, if you're still using an archaic dial-up connection.

(This file was originally 2.4 MB in size so I needed to scale it slightly.)
cd/gifs/4616599/trees (1970 Kb)
Here we see trees and a ruin(in some shrubland on Felysia)

The snow effects are rather good.

I landed in the 'special' areas but didn't really like the extreme transparency, though the whitish 'ground' did make for some good snaps)

note:the terrain seemed to change a lot less frequently than regular NICE, actually
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lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Dec 25, 2008 13:34

I wonder how long you've been preparing this...
(last year, that is)
written by Bensel on Dec 25, 2008 20:07
4616599 said:
WARNING:Large files, if you're still using an archaic dial-up connection.
Then don't embed them into your post, link to them instead.
doing pushups
written by Megagun on Dec 26, 2008 16:20
Alex said:

I wonder how long you've been preparing this...
(last year, that is)
I think it took me a total of one day to implement..
EDIT: actually, the trees might've taken me longer, since I was totally into modding plants at that time (as you can see with my user avatar, which is actually a NICE-generated flower... There's also some huge crystals I made: http://home.deds.nl/~megagun/temp/crystals.png)

This year, it was already the 25th for nearly an hour or so, and I remembered that I totally didn't do anything with it at all, so I quickly grabbed the source, changed a number around, recompiled and put it back up...

I thought about killing the Gliders and changing them for the Penguin model Bensel made, and actually tried to do this, too, but it wasn't an easy change, so I left it at that...

I also tried to add in proper snow or even fireworks last year, but couldn't get the flares (the same thing I use for the Omega Drive Orb) to work properly on the surface of planets..
interplanetary man
written by Parsis on Dec 28, 2008 22:44
Wow, that came out pretty good, so all the planets that I land on now will have Christmas trees? Because I just landed on a lava planet with Christmas trees everywere.
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