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doing pushups
written by Megagun on Dec 31, 2008 18:40
Most important poll of 2008!
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On top!
I usually don't have the chat frame open..
On the bottom!
...Where do you keep your chat frame?
written by Buuks on Dec 31, 2008 18:56
Again this poll?

I think must have it on the bottom, isn't that set by default? And only a few of the elder members (from the previous boards) might have it on top.
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jan 01, 2009 06:13
It'll be on top again (forcely) in Postline 2009, but I might be working, in the first days it's online, to bring back an option to place it where preferred. In PL2009, management of its position is slightly more difficult, so I have left this as a non-critical part.
written by Raptorjedi on Jan 01, 2009 07:58
Noooooo, I love it on the bottom. I guess I'll deal, but :3=
electronic engineer!
written by Leniad on Jan 01, 2009 17:46
Bottom <3
written by Stargazer on Jan 01, 2009 18:07
On the top. That's where it always has been for me, since the phpBB-version in late 2002/early '03.
written by Cryoburner on Jan 01, 2009 21:37
Shouldn't this poll be in 'About AnywhereBB' like the other one? : )

When I made that poll in 2004, I still kept my chat bar at the top, as it had been at the old forum. Not long after though, I moved it to the bottom, and have kept it there since. I suppose that's partly due to it fitting better there in recent revisions of Postline. It also provides the impression of being a foundation for the forums to rest on. Plus, it keeps it near the user bar, placing all the dynamic content together in one place.

Somewhat related, I also keep Opera's tab bar at the bottom. That way, it's right next to the taskbar, making it easier to select between tabs and other running programs. One thing that annoys me with other browsers is the lack of integrated configuration options for their interfaces. Sure, you might be able to customize some interface elements by editing CSS files or installing addons, but it's just not as convenient and doesn't work as well. With Opera, you can just right click on any toolbar, choose customize, and move it around or modify it's contents however you want. Some other browsers are getting a little better in this regard, but still lack Opera's level of built-in customizability.

Hmm... Now I'm veering off topic. Anyway, if something is to be gathered from this, it's that letting users continue to customize Postline's interface to their liking would be awesome. : D
hidden agenda
written by Trad.a on Jan 02, 2009 00:47
Typical Cryoburner. You could plug Opera in a thread about the Nazi War Crime Tribunal.

I have love for being on top.
written by Cryoburner on Jan 02, 2009 01:27
Well, if the Nazis had Opera, they would have won.
Of course, that would also mean they also had some form of time machine, or at least computer technology a half century ahead of everyone else. : P
lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jan 02, 2009 15:42
Cryoburner said:
Somewhat related, I also keep Opera's tab bar at the bottom.
Me too!

But mostly because it takes a few less pixels... this screen, in laptop mode, is only 600 pixels high despite being 1024 pixels wide. Also, I keep the standard buttons on top in text-only, without icons. This also contributes a few extra pixels to the vertical dimension.
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