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written by Cryoburner on Apr 22, 2009 02:50
I just thought of some random feature requests that might be nice to include in GOES XNet.

One would be for better formatting of guide comments. Text written in all caps might be fine for short comments, but on the more popular planets it's not as comfortable to read as it could be. Having it in lower case with only the first letters, and those following certain punctuation marks capitalized might be better, even if it isn't always grammatically correct when sentences span multiple comments. Then again, maybe it would look strange. : )

It would also be convenient if comments could be submitted directly to site. Of course, you would need to put measures in place to avoid spam, and possibly not display comments until approved. The resulting notes could initially be stored in one or more outboxes on the server, and get integrated into the main database whenever it's updated.

It might also be interesting to allow screenshots to be uploaded to a planet's page. Images could be limited to the standard Noctis resolutions, in gif or png format, and there could be the option to include a caption. Once again, you might want to require approval for submitted images, and limit submissions to a certain number of images per day for a given IP address, to prevent Skinnymon from spamming hundreds of photos at a time. : 3

Anyway, those are just random ideas. Feel free to ignore them. : P
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written by Neuzd on Apr 22, 2009 09:19
I admit that yesterday I just went by memory about Westos and I didn't check once at home.
Wasn't Noctis itself displaying 0;0;0 for Westos? The 'real' coordinates are probably incalculable because Westos' data were corrupted from the beginning, as are the GUIDE notes.

There are other corrupted data in the StarMap, I remember that Westos was notable only because of the 0;0;0 as coordinates....again, I'll check the actual situation once back at home the Department.


About the GUIDE comments page, I was in fact thinking of revamping (in some ways) the notes formatting.
I'm pretty sure I'll be switching to lower caps, I just need a confirmation on how it looks in the end.
Adding some capitalized letter: I don't know, the most recurring thing would be having the very first letter of every message capitalized, but we know that a lot of comments are just continuing the previous sentence and that would look weird....
I have to see how it looks, really.

Another important thing about the formatting of the notes is the hated line breaks.
Every note is displayed as a line but since I use large characters for my webistes (and BIG they're staying), often lines can get broken to fit in the table with awful results for a fluent reading.

If I control line breaks on end of messages and after fullstops, it may improve readability but it would be impossible to recognize a full comment (from beginning to end) or even risk to merge different messages (from different explorers) on the same line.

For example, something like this ('Muter Atrem' notes):
could be rendered this way:
You don't have a real sensation about the beginning and end of each comment, and think if another comment from another stardrifter gets added...
Do you guys have other suggestions to solve this 'problem'? This idea I just explained clearly doesn't work good.


The idea of comments posted directly from the site is well-conceived, though I don't feel so much into giving the users such an option.
Those would be stored as they were an outbox, nothing more, nothing less, and they would be spread and imported as any other submission: included in an inbox and then uploaded into GOESXNET from the StarMap (of course I upload ONLY what has made its way in the official Starmap).
The idea in itself is flawless, I wanted to let you know, I'll be thinking of it and listen to the other explorers' opinions.


For the screenshot thing, there's someone who's willing to create a database of images from Noctis.
That project is radically different from what you're suggesting but it may be an idea for some future improvements.
I'm involved in this and...well actually it's my fault if it isn't ready yet.
We can talk of this again when it's time.
And yes, sorry for the millionth time, Mr. Purchaser : (

This was a very good bunch of suggestions Cryo, I'm not going to ignore them.

[EDIT: typos and grammar fix...or at least I hope so]
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going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Apr 22, 2009 16:59
The Holy Book of Noctis (The Manual) said:
Balastrackonastreya is at approximately parsis coordinates 0, 0, 0.
And it isn't. Meh.

(No wonder we have a Grid.)

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written by Torisek on Apr 23, 2009 21:09
This is okay. Just.... TAKE HERE A PLANET FINDER :[
written by Sylverone on Jun 01, 2009 01:02
Is the plan to eventually have the "Scientific Data" come directly from the database automatically? It would be neat if the data was taken only from named (thus, discovered) bodies, so it would evolve over time.

I ask because I'm wary of things like this which must be updated by hand. The original inbox flow stopped because the person in charge of updating was no longer doing so. I hope that Noctis V updates starmaps automatically
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written by Neuzd on Jun 01, 2009 07:21
Well, things are still in need of one person dedicating some time to the subject.

Fortunately for the community, I'm trying to handle every aspect I can: starmap & guide, external DB & tools and mods to the source code.
And I don't mean it is good because it's me doing it, but because it's one single person involved that can keep things better organized and (hopefully) consistent.

By the way, the only databases that exist in Noctis are the starmap and the Guide, every other data is not stored anywhere but calculated on the fly.
So to collect data, you should (almost always) be physically in the system you want info about.
For example, you see that in GOESXNET there's no distinction between planets and moons...there's no way to tell unless you proceed with complicated calculations which I'm not able to replicate outside of the game.

I'm working on rendering the star data collection easier though, but since this data gathering is a task limited to some fellow stardrifters, I'm keeping it quite.

Noctis' driving force is the passion of the community, I think things are going this way for some time more : )
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written by Neuzd on Jul 29, 2009 15:47
Spreading the knowledge

Anyone who has visited GOESXNET should have noticed that the Articles section isn't very "beefy", with just a bunch of documents written by Skinnymon, which in fact originally weren't anything new but posts already published here.

...but I really like the simple way I put that part together, so I'm here to announce some minor changes (mostly for readability) and to call you back to reconsider your involvement in this 'project' : P

One new document is called 'Submitting articles', and it basically illustrates how the file should be formatted; I thought that with a small guideline someone may be pushed to add their submissions.

Even if not participating, I'm willing to accept suggestions on other stuff that fits in that section. For instance I'm thinking at the Felisian Language document(s), but there's plenty of real life hints in there, and I absolutely want to avoid it, so if anyone has any kind of idea, please let me know (Felisian language was just an example...I'm probably re-arranging it to be more generalistic and not directly targeted at English speaking earthlings).

In most of Skinnymon's articles, images are linked instead of being embedded. It is possible to embed them: in those articles there were simply too many and I thought it was bets to keep the page small in size.

I know this will probably fall unnoticed, but I wanted to try to revive that section...
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written by Speeder on Jul 29, 2009 21:08
Since you are making modules... If you do not made already, make a modefule to read and write from GOESXNET

I guess that is more usefull and more "in character" than HACIRC
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jul 30, 2009 08:36
I don't really get what is this about....
Are you talking about GUIDE notes? There's no way I will add facilities to overtake the functions of Starmap and GUIDE, I think that's obvious, why would I have ever worried about reviving the Outbox/Inbox flow?
I don't think you were talking about submitting articles either...would people like to write an HTML formatted document via the GOES screens? Mhhh, quite unpractical.
If otherwise you were thinking about additional data, well, something like that is already present. There's a module called SCD which writes the needed scientific data infos for the current system, on a flat file specifically formatted for a quick update of the DB.
Yes it is offline and you need to physically send the file to me, but everything over there is so. You may find it egoistic, but www.neuzd.org is my "home", and no one is writing a single bit there if I don't want to.

By the way, HacIRC is only an IRC client, you can connect to any server or channel you want. If you manage to create a room somewhere, where users all agree to chat "in character", well, you're done : D
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written by Neuzd on Jan 06, 2010 02:24
Major upgrade at GOESXNET, explorers!

I've finally managed to do what I wanted since a very long time, and that I was struggling with since this summer, or even before.

With precious hints and help from SL, Selbio, and Alex, I successfully replicated the behavior of the trickiest parts of the Noctis engine inside GOESXNET.
This means that now you're able to see (for stars which parsis are knonw) the full structure of the system you're interested in, and planets' types are also displayed in a tooltip if you put your mouse over their name in the system structure.

Future improvements will cover the Stars Scientific Data DB, which is still in its original form, because everything's changed and I need to think that part from the beginning.

I'm very happy about this : )
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written by Cryoburner on Jan 06, 2010 17:13
The new features are looking good!

If I had to make a suggestion, it might be to highlight the currently viewed object in the list to the right, such as by giving it a different color, to make it's position more visible. Also, I think you have a typo in 'thin atmosphere'. Otherwise, its looking pretty nice, and I hope to see more additions in the future. : )
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jan 06, 2010 20:10
Nice suggestion, I've already updated it.

And also I've extended the number of pages while browsing the stars/bodies lists, thing that was pointed out a lot of time ago.
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