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written by Sitcon on Jan 31, 2009 11:30
Hi everyone, ive been on many many exiting adventure's.

I want to keep a journal so that if i find anything intersesting i can look back on it and go there, the first time i used noctis was when i was about 9 or somthing year's old and it was back when Noctis was new because a mate of mine found it while he was at my house we are pretty much nerd's who are realy obsessed with space and all that.

So great i love number 4 cant believe i still play these day's.
Ive never read the manuel once in my life and i read it for the first time yesterday, Neuzd was a great help to me when i met him on youtube and he told me his website and i loved all the stuff on there.

Anyway starting from here i will be showing my jurnal giving high detaild discription's on everything that happen's.

Day 1: -----
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. /../My Noctis Adventure/ 1
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