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written by Trad.a on Feb 10, 2009 05:52
Buuks said:
yeah!! Finally a werewolf win!! Kudos to Trad.a and me

L4 mentioned several times the both of us as possible wolves. i am glad he still voted for Draken.
Leniad said:
Hah. I knew as soon as I died that Trad.a was a werewolf
Alright, it's good to see a werewolf win, anyways. Town really fucked up this one.
Yeah, we were suspicious you were suspicious so you were gobbled up pretty quickly.
Lightning4 said:
Bah. I knew I should've made the move to lynch Buuks or Trada first. Oh well.

Good job, werewolves!
When you started using the kangaroo and my names I got really worried. Glad you didn't vote-switch

Good game all, it really could have gone either way.
hidden agenda
written by Trad.a on Feb 10, 2009 05:54
Draken said:
Well damn...perhaps I 'was' a bit hasty in naming L4 as our second wolf...
I kinda realised after I made my list that it could've been Buuks or Ferinex aswell, though Ferinex seemed least likely.
I felt so evil calling you a wolf but it was all I could do to survive. If the town believed your results I was a gone-ah.
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