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written by Turkcem on Feb 27, 2009 20:18
Hi all,
Has anyone thought about making a Noctis addon for Celestia?

I've bumped into Noctis a couple times over the past several years, and each time I was awed by the idea and put off by the limitations of the interface & graphics. As an FPSer it just feels clunky to me.
It seems that NICE has been discontinued. I'm not sure what's up with Noctis V, but until it comes out, don't you think we could build an addon to Celestia, where you're confined to a Stargazer, with a new UI (perhaps a HUD), and then you can zoom around various procedurally-generated landscapes? I think if we tailored your "flight" ability it could be much like walking on the surface (or maybe cruising around on a hovercar or something).

Anyway the automatic pluses would be 1) multiplatform, 2) potential for enlarging fanbase, 3) easy to add new features of some types (not sure about weather or life forms...) and 4) it's relatively easy and might actually get done. I don't want to undercut the developer of Noctis, I'm very impressed by his work and I think of this as adding to it rather than taking from.

I'm reading about how to make Addons in Celestia now, dunno how far I get (note this is a side project for me, I have a job). Just wanted to see what interest exists. And, anyone want to contribute to this?

Sorry for the long post =D
written by Sitcon on Feb 28, 2009 05:14
Everyone knows that the graphics of noctis arnt 100% fantastic, however that was because it was made on DOS programing which makes the pixels all big and bulky.

Im not 100% sure but i dont think Noctis 5 will be on DOS.
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written by Skinnymon on Feb 28, 2009 05:21
"confined to a Stargazer"??? I couldn't resist, SG

All joking aside considering Celestia's graphics and such, it might be quite an enormous project. Not that I say it's a terrible idea, just a bit too much.

But, ignore me. I could be wrong.

written by Ajax on Feb 28, 2009 07:39
Sitcon said:
Im not 100% sure but i dont think Noctis 5 will be on DOS.
You are correct about Noctis V. It will be done in L.in.oleum, his very own low-level language. So, the limitations that were placed in Noctis IV and it's predecessors is gone in V.

However, the main reason it isn't done yet is because Alex is still working on the new version of L.in.oleum. Once he is done with that, he can get back to finishing Noctis V.
written by Turkcem on Feb 28, 2009 23:42
Well the whole point is that Celestia works already, so we we could do things stepwise. I think a good first step would be to try to duplicate the current noctis IV galaxy in celestia. People have done this with Star Wars universe etc already... so we'd have to either a) figure out how to procedurally generate planets in Celestia and then just stick in the Noctis seed, or b) unpack the Noctis seed into image file textures & coordinates, and then import those the normal way into Celestia. The latter is probably easier but less elegant. I feel like this is very doable, and if we get that done it's already release-worthy.
If Noctis V comes out by then, great! if not, we can start adding features one at a time until we're done or we get bored and stop.
So, it would help a lot if people who were more familiar with the code stepped up to contribute time or at least advice on this - so maybe I don't have to figure the source code out from scratch for example. Though obviously nothing's started yet, I'm just trying to get a feel for how interested people are now.
written by Raptorjedi on Mar 01, 2009 00:02
I don't like it, but mostly because Celestia can't do half the things that would make a good Noctis game. Also because I don't feel that the graphics and controls are in any need to be changed. There is also the problem of the universe itself, which, aside from a few core worlds is mostly random. Add to that our small programmer base , Noctis Twilight, a fan game that doesn't seem to be going anywhere (I could be wrong, and people are doing things with it and not saying), I don't really see a celestia project happening.
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written by Albeyamakiir on Mar 01, 2009 00:14
Something I've always wondered is why do people want to make a fan Noctis game? We already have Noctis 1-4, with 5 on the way (slowly, but surely). We could make something else in the same vein, without any outright copying and it would have a couple of advantages. First, we don't get bored of Noctis before it's released (perhaps not going to happen for some of you anyway). Second, though, we get a new experience. Maybe the new game could be less realistic, a strange place to explore that takes you some time to learn it's rules(Noctis is slightly separated from reality anyway).
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