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written by Onforty on Mar 20, 2009 15:11
Hi folks, can you help me.

I know abandonware is illegal if it isnt released by the author..

But help me for gods sake!

Here is the story:

This friday i came home from school. My littlesister was sick so she stayed home, my mother was cleaning up. Then she found a old game from 98 or something. First we tryed to run it on vista then we tryed to run it on my machine (Windows XP Home Edition SP3) But then it didnt like that i got an late version of Quick-time. Then i came with this idea (MY mother and father are both computer experts so they knowed what i said): "Why not install Windows 3.1 on a virtual machine?" Then my mother said: "Good idea David!" Then i started going on the quest for finding Windows 3.1 on the internet!

Now i ask you guys: Can you please help me finding Win 3.1 please?

David, Darkwing, Onforty.
written by Buuks on Mar 20, 2009 17:39
For $10 it is yours:

Try googling it. Just use a good combination of keywords.
night fth
written by Ferinex on Mar 20, 2009 22:44
Why Windows 3.1? In 98 people were using Windows '95 and '98. What game are you trying to run? It will probably run on XP/Vista if you do the right things.
written by Cryoburner on Mar 21, 2009 01:18
An advantage I could see with running Windows 3.1 in a virtual machine is that it's really small. A complete 3.1 installation can be under 10 MB. However, with a game from 98, you'd probably be better using at least Windows 95, which requires upwards of 50 MB of disk space.

What game is it? There might be some unofficial patch to make it work properly on newer systems.
written by Onforty on Mar 21, 2009 12:27
Well, its just some danish kid game based on an australian kids movie
Its something with It's fun time..

edit: I found a solution..
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. /../My quest./ 1
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