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written by Onforty on Mar 23, 2009 20:13
Hello people.

I know alot of my forum games still are running, but i wont loose this one.

Inmagine a world wich started out as a void. Then we came to it beginning to fill it, playing god over our creations, doing whatever we want..

There is no rules but remember this: If you destroy someones creation they will most likely get pissed and destroy what you made..

You can do anything, summon something, build anything and destroy anything..

Feel free to post a drawing of your creation and describe its behaviors detailed.. Note: Good CS roleplaying is when you DONT powerplay so you cant just say: *runs over to the glumfrp and kicks it in matrix style then creates a bazooka and blows up the glumfrp leaving a pool of blood.. That will most likely end up with some pissed creator or me locking it up. Leaving you inside..
Also if a whamma fly's around saying weegee then you cant say *I throw a stone at the whamma the whamma squeeks and swims toward some retard The proper way to say that would be: *I throw a stone at the whamma, the whamma avoids and begins screaming weegee it bite back and fly's away.. Understand that? *nearly mutew voice in the background OH? umm sorry i didnt put the ','s and the '.'s in

Anyway i start
The void

I open my eyes finding myself floating around in some empty void, i see all the other lifeless quies just waiting for waking up.

In the empty void there is no lightning but theres either no darkness.

I blink, suddenly a big flash appears. Somehow i feel enpowered, i suddenly got this feeling of knowing something new. I suddenly automatically begins inmagining a glowing bird.

*Summons inritus penna

inritus penna is a glowing blue crystal clear bird learning people to use the mighty powers of dreaming. It speaks monolitha, a language spoken only via telepathy. Its ancient and nearly dead.

*inritus penna says: You are the summoner of this cosmos, you are the one with the four mighty powers: The power of locking, The power of unlocking, The power of seizing the whole universe, The power of Enpowering other people with the three other powers. (This is not cheat, it just me making it possible for me to administrate the content. I wont abuse! I promise.)
wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Mar 24, 2009 08:40
Is there any way to put entire forum sections on ignore?
written by Xenomorph on Mar 24, 2009 13:05
Oh look, another random Onforty game.

Can we have a few less of these, please? I mean, seriously. If you want to play games, that's fine, but don't you think we have enough games now?
written by Onforty on Mar 24, 2009 15:08
Yeah your right Fiiiiinee ill shut up..
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