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written by Momotombo on Mar 26, 2009 05:55
I love the idea of Noctis. Hell, I love playing just to see if I find anything good, but I don't. Sometimes I find dark planets filled with mountain ranges, but there's not much else to see otherwise. Most of the time, there are planets with hills and some rocks thrown here and there, but that's it. I haven't found a single life-supporting planet.

The most interesting thing was when I landed on an amazingly hot planet made of quartz, in the middle of a pink ocean I think. There was a little island just thrown in and I stood on it and called the pod back to pick me up, because there was nothing else. I'm still looking, but outside of the area where you begin, everything's been pretty boring. Am I doing something wrong?

Well, it's still amusing to look around, just to see if I find something cool. I found an entirely pink planet once. I still need to learn to use the console and other things so I can start naming planets and looking at all the things that are supposed to be there.
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written by Starchaser on Mar 26, 2009 06:22
Don't give up. It took me a while before I found my first unnamed life supporting planet.

If you are desperate for one with ruins and everything. Once you learn how to use the console. Use it to go to the planet "Balastrackonastreya" and the planet named Felysia should have guide notes on good places to land.

The manual has all the console commands in it. Make sure you read it though a few times.
written by Momotombo on Mar 26, 2009 06:28
Yeah, I'll try looking only in S00 systems from now on, but I looked in about thirty of them and still found no life. I wonder how everyone else has all the cool discoveries in the other board.
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written by Magnulus on Mar 26, 2009 08:17
30 systems and no life?! That's weird. I seem to remember every other S00 system having at least one planet with life back when I used to play.
written by 4616599 on Mar 26, 2009 08:23
Momotombo said:
Yeah, I'll try looking only in S00 systems from now on, but I looked in about thirty of them and still found no life. I wonder how everyone else has all the cool discoveries in the other board.
Wow. Consider yourself lucky. The possibility of visited 30 S00s and finding no life-supporting planets is very low. I remember the very first planet I visited supported life.

I suggest trying S09s. They have the best chance of sustaining life-supporting planets.

forgive me if I'm repeating stuff you already know, but from your descriptions, I figure you're using NICE, which has the dirty cheat the Solar System Analyzer feature, which should help.*

*though like many other NICE features it dents the spirit of exploration
written by Momotombo on Mar 26, 2009 17:55
Actually, I don't use a lot of the NICE features because of that. I like NICE because it looks clearer, and with the terrible resolution Noctis runs it, that helps a lot. Sometimes I use things like the really fast running, but that's if I find myself in a flat world and I feel like I might find something.

Anyway, maybe I'm just doing something wrong. I try to look at as many planets as I can, but I think I'm looking the wrong way. What do you guys usually do when you go to new systems? Should I try other things, like the Galactic Cartography thing? I mean, all I've been doing is selecting systems and then selecting whatever planets I can when I arrive there.
written by Torisek on Mar 26, 2009 19:28
Don't use NICE, if you want to help making official Starmap. Most of features in the NICE and NIV is not same and can do glitch. For example default nice have another rule of making new systems. Also I would like the patch to NIV, where invisible walls are removed.
written by Onforty on Mar 26, 2009 20:26
Well, keep trying. When i was a little 11 year old kid (I dont think you are) from about 2 years ago i found nothing but barren planets. Mostly they had no atmosphere and where rock worlds. I loved wandering around there, that was how i developed my taste. Also i find felysian worlds quite boring. I love climbing around on rocky mountains and swimmin in floating metal and silcium. Then i found NICE and learned about its new features wich made it funnier to "research". Actually i call this science for Noctinomy. But if you really want to do all the Weehee everyone shall see my planets then go use NICE. If you want spetacular adventures with hi-tech and new algorithms for planet generating and infinite fuel then choose NICE cause its nice

Man! This is the longest post i ever written. Thanks MomboTombo for bringing me this possibility (and opportunity)
written by Momotombo on Mar 26, 2009 20:37
Invisible walls? Well, I just played NICE and I actually found some pretty cool things. I guess it'd take a while before I find truly unique landscapes and such, but I traveled to three Felysian planets and saw some relatively cool things.

But yeah, about invisible walls, what do you mean? Is that the thing where if you go to the edge of the area you get teleported back somewhere? I hate that, it happened to me a lot this session. Oh well.
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written by Ponder s on Mar 26, 2009 21:55
The vanilla versions of Noctis (or at least NIV, haven't played the rest) had an invisible wall around each sector. Trying to go any further away from the landing point would result in just sliding back and forth along the wall.

NICE took that out, and automatically transports you from one sector to the next, but the sectors edges have never matched up right, so it's a little disorienting.
written by Momotombo on Mar 26, 2009 22:14
I see. I guess that's why when I go to the next sector, everything changes completely. That also means that the planets are thousands of times larger than I thought, because I realize that the one little square you choose when you want to land is that big area you're exploring. That's amazing.
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written by Skinnymon on Mar 27, 2009 03:51
Ponder s said:
The vanilla versions of Noctis (or at least NIV, haven't played the rest) had an invisible wall around each sector.
NIII has "the leash" also- and the sectors seem even smaller in my opinion. (And a bit freakier, but that's another story.)

written by Torisek on Mar 27, 2009 12:12
No Momo, it is a wall, which you can't go through in the NIV. In NICE it is removed, but if you are using NICE you can't do official starmap. Because if you giving a parsis of system or planet, that system in NICE and NIV can be different, because NICE have OTHER way [I supose more realistic] of making systems [for example in NICE you can be on the barren planet, which..... Is covered in LIQUID metal, if it is VERY close to planet, but in NIV - on mine experience in two versions - you can find Felysian planet sometimes in unusual places.

Anyway you can change this option in the NICE, but NICE and NIV still are other versions. Also in NICE you can find the E and W are... Replaced. I don't know why. Also NICE offering Jetpack [which I miss most], normal landing by lander [Sure, I still like bouncing of this is NIV XD] or show temperature in celcius. [I'm not using Farenheit, because I live in Poland. Anyway Kelvins can help in the Physics lessons].

Wow, that's a long post. Oh I see Ponder already posted it. Also i REGRET I lost screenshots of Quartz planet which were VERY close and sun was.... BIG!

Anyway - without minor bugs - NOCTIS is still a GREAT work. Alex did great work. If NV would be a better game, he would have a Nobel Award. [Or - if he will say like Dr. House "I don't want award which is in the blood" - he won't get a award, still would be in memory of many.
written by Sitcon on Mar 28, 2009 07:26
Are you sure ur using
Noctis IV (4) that is so strange i randomly pick planets and most of the random picks have life, especialy for 30 random planets on an S00 to not have life is realy strange.

Well dont give up keep on cheaking!
written by Torisek on Mar 28, 2009 11:18
It happens sometimes. I found long time ago the one system, which was filled only by substellars and barren planets.
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