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written by Onforty on Mar 31, 2009 14:27
Hello people.
I am very angry on theese infected/annoying script containing sites!!

Now you guys (And me) post ALL infected sites. This would be yor best friend when your typing an adress you arent sure to spell correctly. Or if a friend links to a site.

I hope i typed the list tag correct.

Edit: I cant do the list tag. So here it is:

- Virus

- Rick roll. Harm-less but annoying.
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rose pony is best pony
written by Starchaser on Mar 31, 2009 15:07
There are sites for lists like these and FireFox blocks most harmful sites.
Eg. Credit card scams.
written by Xenomorph on Mar 31, 2009 16:20
I should point out that Google Chrome will throw up a full page warning if you attempt to access a site on Google's 'considered harmful' list (whatever they call it). It also seems to trigger for possibly-harmful ads on pages.

This list isn't really useful.
written by Cryoburner on Mar 31, 2009 22:32
Opera has optional automatic fraud detection as well. Even with it disabled, you can click a button to check the validity of a site. IE7 has a phishing filter too, and even Google's search engine will block click-throughs to many potentially harmful sites. Occasionally all sites. : P

I have to agree that this doesn't seem very useful for any legitimate uses. There are hundreds of thousands of harmful sites on the internet, so manually checking a list prior to clicking a link might take a while. Even if the site were in the list, that wouldn't prevent someone from posting a tinyurl to it or something, hiding the real address.
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