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written by Bensel on Apr 02, 2009 05:11
For those of you who can't run Noctis/NICE on your fancy new Vista computers, here's a disk image suitable for putting on a flash drive. It contains both Noctis IV and NICE on FreeDOS.


(if anyone is confused about how to put this on a stick (no idea how easy Windows makes this), I can explain that tomorrow. Right now I need sleep.)
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written by Skinnymon on Apr 04, 2009 21:24
written by Bensel on Apr 05, 2009 18:57
Haha, sorry. It's on my enormous list of things to do.
written by Bensel on Apr 06, 2009 23:02
Okay, I'm still absurdly busy, but here's a summary:

There are two ways to do it; one is to use WinImage, which is shareware but makes it rather easy to do (just tell it you want to write an image to a disk and choose the .img), or wait until I write a script to wrap around dd for people to use.
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. /../Noctis USB disk image/ 1
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