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written by Kynreeve on Feb 08, 2010 22:37
I'm having this "NTVDM CPU" problem too... And that's a big surprise for me because i play Noctis on the same hardware configuration and OS (Windows XP SP2) for almost 2 years and i never had any crashes or glitches whatsoever. I checked my config/auroexec.nt files and they are ok.

I'm using NIV+ r2.1. This damn crash occurs mostly when i'm landing or taking off. Also, the game freezes randomly at some points. Fun fact: recently i changed my windoze registry a little so that the service pack version appear as SP3 ("CSDVersion"=dword:00000300 --> reboot). I already changed it back, but to no avail. Maybe that's the cause?

(BTW, DL module isn't working too, for some reason. When i run it the output window is empty)
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written by Neuzd on Feb 10, 2010 13:02
I don't recall this error message even from from old "FAQs"...

As usual, your PC configuration may give us some hints.
And by the way, I hope you're not stuck with the virtualized Noctis, right?

About the DL module, it's strange but possible, since it's the only original module which I have modified, though I'd say that the fixes shouldn't really be causing so much trouble.
And of course everything, from custom modules, to the whole program has been compiled with BC++ 3.1; and in fact you are the first reporting such a problem...

You aren't shooting movies either, right?
The moviemaker works fine during landing/takeoff, but the transition from SD to surface is still a particular moment in Noctis.
written by Kynreeve on Feb 10, 2010 15:54
It appears that the problem is in my OS rather than in NIV+ cause i tried running original NIV and i kept getting this "illegal instruction" thing all the time. Yesterday i moved the game to C:\Noctis\ directory and it seems now i can land and take off from planets allright, but the game still freezes sometimes. I also tried using the original DL module dated 29.12.2002, but i guess it wont work on NIV+. Is there any later versions except the new one?
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written by Neuzd on Feb 10, 2010 16:08
NIV and NIV+ are fully compatible.
All custom modules (and the DL bugfix) are intended to work the same in both versions.

The fact that you modified the path makes some sense.
It doesn't really need to be in C:\Noctis, but it is best to place it in a path with folders names of max 8 characters and no spaces.

The freezing may have been caused by this same thing, although some modules are expected to freeze the game while they're working until they finished their job.
DL is one of these, are you sure it wasn't just this?
DL and ST modules were effectively bugged and I fixed them some months ago, refer to this thread for further infos.
Chances are that you (future readers) already own the updated versions, that have been included both in NIV and NIV+ packages since the bug was fixed.
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written by Shadowlord on Feb 10, 2010 20:49
Was the path (the folder that it was in, e.g. c:\documents and settings\user name\desktop\noctis\) really long, like that example? That could have kept it from working. I'm not sure if it would cause that exact error, but it would do *something*, at any rate.
written by Dexters on May 29, 2011 19:24
I recall there were some nice tool tips in NoctisCE for surface movement.

The help page appears to no longer work.

I fried all the F-keys and nothing came up.

On a related note what's the purpose of abandoning CE in favour of NIV+?
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written by Neuzd on May 29, 2011 20:01
Dexters said:
On a related note what's the purpose of abandoning CE in favour of NIV+?
If you're talking about development, the two events (dropping support for NICE, starting NIV+) are not related.

The purpose of NIV+ is that of having some of the useful NICE functionalities without breaking compatibility with vanilla NIV, in terms of generation of the galaxy and especially surfaces, so that the starmap updates are valid for both NIV and NIV+.
The efforts in developing (or better, porting) these functionalities are, in my case, related to this concept. I was feeling "alienated" while playing NICE and I was wishing some of the cool upgrades in the Community Edition was present in vanilla NIV, especially the mouselook. So when Megagun started NIV+ porting the new control system and fixing the panoramic snapshots, I grabbed the occasion and started porting other useful stuff into the new project, all this with the objective (again) of not breaking compatibility with NIV.

Answering your other question, the help function is not an F-key but a module: type "help" in the GOES console.
written by Malkom on May 30, 2011 01:05
...now who's bumping threads?
written by Cryoburner on May 30, 2011 01:40
Neuzd said:
Answering your other question, the help function is not an F-key but a module: type "help" in the GOES console.
I think he's referring to more of a keymap listing all the controls, rather than a list of commands for the GOES console. In Noctis IV CE, pressing F1 brings up such a keymap, which is different depending on whether you are in the drifter or on the surface.
written by Dexters on May 30, 2011 01:52
Correct, I meant the key mapping.

I suppose that feature it not yet supported. Is there a more up to date manual with some of the commands as I'm having to relearn a lot of things.

I noted a CE feature that lets you call your landing module on the surface to your location appears to be missing in this version.

It's too bad CE support is dropped. But I also noted there hasn't been an update on N4+ for over a year. Any plans to add to what is there?
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on May 30, 2011 02:10
I haven't been working on Noctis for a while and I'm also terribly lazy, so I don't know if I'm going back to it.

I had a list of things I would have wanted to add, you can read about them in this document, the most interesting of which would be the surface maps.
Again, don't expect it to be done, though.
written by Barebones on May 30, 2011 02:40
Neuzd said:
surface maps
I don't know... I used to stay days on an interesting planet, capturing the image of the landing map (clouds and all), and trying to compose those into a clean map of the planet... It was fun work.
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written by Speeder on May 30, 2011 13:36
You have any of that available Barebones? I would love to take a look
doing pushups
written by Megagun on May 30, 2011 14:37
NICE has a feature that greatly simplifies all that. You can access it in space using F11.
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on May 30, 2011 15:51
But NICE is not NV+ :/
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