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written by Megagun on May 30, 2011 16:40
It's not, but it does mean that someone (not me) can backport it into NIV+...

EDIT: wasn't there an option in NICE to bring back the planet surfaces (in space only) from vanilla NIV?
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written by Neuzd on May 30, 2011 17:09
Megagun said:
wasn't there an option in NICE to bring back the planet surfaces (in space only) from vanilla NIV?
I don't remember it to be there.
I'm mostly talking with memories about the source code, that I still study from time to time, and I don't recall having found anything that could indicate there was such an option.
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written by Megagun on May 30, 2011 17:12
Oh, right, I might be misremembering the new versus old temperature model that could be switched from within the SD.
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written by Megagun on Sep 09, 2015 16:39
Released NIVPlus R2.2 today.

FIX: Epoc 6012's triad sinister was calculated incorrectly and started with a '1'.
CHANGE: Triad sinister/medius/dexter are now padded with zeros. This makes the transition from Epoc 6011 to Epoc 6012 look nicer.
UPDATED starmap.

Get it here: http://mooses.nl/nice/relatedprojects/nivplus/latest/release/
written by Balika on Jan 07, 2017 17:42
Hello, I'm playing Noctis IV and Noctis IV+.

What are the differences between those two games ?

Do they use the same starmap and starguide ?

Is it possible to jump or use a jetpack on planets in NIV+ ? How ?
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written by Skinnymon on Jan 09, 2017 19:20
Jetpack in NIV+ is as simple as holding down spacebar. (left clicks on mouse for momentum) Landings are tricky, but with practice... (hint: let up on the mouse button, leadfinger!)

written by Balika on Jan 22, 2017 15:52
It doesn't work at all with spacebar and touchpad.
Must I use a USB mouse or something else ?

My NIV+ seems to be V2.1.
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written by Skinnymon on Jan 23, 2017 19:31
No jetpack using NIV+?

Have not had any real problems with holding down the spacebar for altitude. The touch screen on this Win7 computer is not exactly the most reliable control... I suppose I could attach an external mouse and turn touch screen off, but I have no mouse available here at the moment.

Aside from that I'm no expert (I forget if you are using DOSBox or not. Could that be a problem anyone?)

written by Cryoburner on Jan 24, 2017 01:46
I actually think I might know the reason for this.

I was poking around with the source code for the Windows port of NICE a few months back, with the intention of increasing the framerate limit, improving the controls, and potentially fixing some visual anomalies and other things, and while I did manage to get the game running at arbitrary framerates up to around 60fps, doing so broke the jetpack.

Apparently, the rate at which the jetpack was set to provide a pulse of boost is dependent on how fast your keyboard repeat rate is set in your operating system, while the physics are applied based on the framerate, so if your repeat rate is set too low, or your framerate is too high, you will only make a short hop before landing. If this happens, one workaround would be to increase your "Repeat Rate" setting, found in Windows "Keyboard Properties".

I did actually fix this properly in my modified version, along with some other things that I noticed were affected by the increased frame rate, but there may have been other things broken as well. And I set it aside and didn't get back to it. >_> I also only made it for the Windows port of NICE, and used the Windows timer library for higher-precision framerate adjustments, so it would probably require significant changes in the DOS versions of NICE or Noctis IV Plus.
written by Balika on Jan 26, 2017 17:38
I'll try the NIV+ V2.2b ... and the "Keyboard properties" tips. Thank you.

I'm playing Noctis on Windows XP SP3.
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written by Skinnymon on Jan 27, 2017 00:41
I use Win XP for most of my explorations with NIV+ (don't know what version... I've road tested them all... but probably 2.2b.)

Let us know if you make any progress. I need fellow expolorers. It's more "fun" that way.

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