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written by Chad on Jun 25, 2009 21:38

Yep! Thats right everyone, I'm getting hitched. Main reason why I haven't been around these parts so often the past year or so. Things just where to busy.

So... Where planning on a Spring wedding next year if I can find a steady job and place of living. If not we might push it back a few months. But we'll see.

Not sure what else to really say, we've been dating for the past 6 months but we where hanging out for the last 5 years off and on so we knew each other well. Things just progressed that way and we both couldn't be happier. Everything else is going good as can be at this time.

Got any questions, feel free to ask.
written by Buuks on Jun 25, 2009 22:59
My congrats!! Totally awesome news!!!

Have fun planning your wedding, and if I am coincidentally nearby I will come to crash at your wedding.

(I leave it to Cryo and Skinny to fill this thread with Marquees and overkill amount of smileys)
written by Raptorjedi on Jun 25, 2009 23:22
Congrats man! I hope things go well for you!
"gheeh!" (c)h.azuma
written by Yayo on Jun 26, 2009 00:35

hidden agenda
written by Trad.a on Jun 26, 2009 12:01
Congrats Chad! Will we get to see the eventual wedding pics?
written by Stargazer on Jun 26, 2009 17:07
Another man doomed to live the rest of his life in hell. How sad.JK!!

Congrats Chad!
written by Chad on Jun 26, 2009 17:14
Trad.a said:
Congrats Chad! Will we get to see the eventual wedding pics?
Yeah, I'll try to get some wedding pictures up after the event.

But thanks everyone. I'm sure life will be more interesting and crazy from now on. Pray for me. -_^
wah... waall-eee
written by Magnulus on Jun 27, 2009 18:14
Congratulations! I hope it's as wonderful and successful as my own marriage and that you'll last forever and ever and ever! ^_^
going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Jun 28, 2009 05:01
My Condolences...

That's a traditional thing with me for such announcements, but REALLY it's meant just like the old "break a leg" traditional wish.

lost, not forgotten
written by Alex on Jul 02, 2009 02:43
Oooooh... married!

I think I'll get married as well, one day... possibly after NV's release date. Perhaps before epoch 6014, I'm not sure.

But they always say it's a good thing that makes you happy for the rest of your life for many years measured scientifically, three years... makes you happy.

ahm... good luck!
written by Stiven on Jul 02, 2009 07:25
You know what they say; love makes you blind, marriage gives you your sight back .. There was no indirect message in that, just trying to say something smart. Congratulations
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