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written by Shadowclaw on Jan 30, 2004 14:48
And on top of that, I noticed a discrepancy concerning the new Drakhnator. In the previuos edit, I reduced them to simply an insectoid race from some incredibly distant galaxy. They're still more advanced than the Felysians, and they're still ancient, but (and this is the bit I just added) they went into hibernation between the launch of their probes a billion epocs ago and epoc 1971 or thereabouts. Why? I don't know.

and no, Gazer, I can't remove them from the timeline completely. Sorry
written by Shadowclaw on May 14, 2004 18:08
*invokes thread necromancy and replies to himself*

I've updated the timeline a little. Some of you may not like the change, but I believe that it had to be done.
written by Algebra2 on May 15, 2004 02:16
Umm... is this one of the changes?
Timeline said:
c. 0000:0000:3500.000.000.000 cc (c. 77,585 BCE)

Resources begin to run out on Felysia. Rationing is introduced, along with the Resource Unit (RU). The RU was actually a unit of energy, rather than a currency, as is commonly believed.
written by Shadowclaw on May 15, 2004 09:56
No, that entry's been there for a while.
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