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krasnyj bibliotekar
written by Serpens on Sep 03, 2009 23:55
Kayu, of course I'm in no position to put any restrictions on you, so your articles should be as extensive as you wish and contain whatever information you wish. I'll gladly accept them as they are. And your photo example is just how it should be, so go ahead and send in what you have.

As a general note, I've been silent because I had to deal with, let's say, internal struggles, and I'm not even done with that. But the project is not dead. The website still works. If anyone has prepared any contributions, don't hesitate, send them too. I'll try to include them in the coming days.
krasnyj bibliotekar
written by Serpens on Jul 08, 2010 15:06
There were reports of malware infection on the project's website. I have just finished obliterating and reuploading all the contents, so the site should be safe to use again. Thanks for Cryoburner and neuzd for pointing this out!
krasnyj bibliotekar
written by Serpens on Jul 13, 2010 00:30
Triple post! I'd just like to note that a bit of new content appeared, all thanks to Skinnymon. If you want to see the new sector surveys, check Aphtackreon and Broken Mirror.

Of course I'm still accepting contributions, so if you have/are going to have anything suitable, send it in via PM. I'll be away for several days starting from Thursday, so don't worry if there's no reply. I'll be back eventually and will upload everything.
krasnyj bibliotekar
written by Serpens on Jul 26, 2010 14:04
Another update from Skinnymon, this time much larger! There are now pictures and comments for the following sectors:

Chrasycalya, sectors 13.48 ; 1.33 ; 127.52 ; 22.66 ; 3.60 ; 36.58

Felysia, sector 329.4

Vericalya, sectors 31.47 ; 347.62 ; 49.40

The survey for sector 49.40 on Vericalya is especially notable, detailed and thorough.

Also, a bug (kind of) which prevented access to sector surveys for moons was fixed, thanks to neuzd's help.
krasnyj bibliotekar
written by Serpens on Aug 17, 2010 10:28
Hey, look! Skinnymon's trying to hijack my site! : P OK, just kidding.

There's a new update from Skinnymon, concentrated on the Fenia system. Some important worlds which had no coverage before now have several very detailed sector investigations. Most notably, Peach, Pleasance and Wetwick. Here's the complete list of what's new.

Broken Mirror: sector 0.60

Dimland: sector 279.60

Icarus: sector 297.51

Infinity: sector 216.119

Peach: sectors 0.60 ; 10.68 ; 117.118 ; 241.85 ; 339.68 ; 340.73

Pleasance: sectors 130.66 ; 340.1 ; 341.52 ; 343.75 ; 351.69 ; 352.1

Porthia: sector 24.1

Wetwick: sectors 124.43 ; 125.31 ; 15.63 ; 152.119 ; 336.82 ; 354.22
going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Aug 18, 2010 17:10
A little HELP, here, Stardrifters?...
written by Cryoburner on Aug 18, 2010 23:56
Like this?
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Aug 19, 2010 12:03
Cryo now damaged my mind forever.

Btw: I really liked the project, I had the intention to help, but I need to find a job right now... So I will have to postpone that
a lot of logins
written by Mingamango181 on Oct 09, 2010 22:28
I've got some pictures that I would like to contribute to your project.

I have a question though. Should we contribute the whole survey as a zip, or separate pngs?
krasnyj bibliotekar
written by Serpens on Oct 10, 2010 08:33
Mingamango181 said:
I've got some pictures that I would like to contribute to your project.

I have a question though. Should we contribute the whole survey as a zip, or separate pngs?
An archive would be best. Also it would save a bit of time if the images were already sorted by planet and sector.
krasnyj bibliotekar
written by Serpens on Oct 10, 2010 11:40
Update! One sector from Mingamango181 is already in:

Felysia: sector 74.57

Quoting his own words, more sectors should come soon.
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Oct 10, 2010 13:32
A very small idea.
I noticed there's no indication of the contributors to the project.
Without going so far to give people credit for each survey, you could list the names in the Credits section (replacing the paragraph where you say that there's no contributors and the system isn't public, yet....sounds a bit out of date, no?)
krasnyj bibliotekar
written by Serpens on Oct 11, 2010 13:20
Two more, rather extensive, sector surveys by Mingamango181. They are:

Felysia: sectors 170.29 and 272.85

Also, per neuzd's suggestion, contributing people are now listed in the Credits section.
ah didn't learn anything!
written by Selbio on Oct 12, 2010 05:26
So I just now noticed this...

I can provide Web hosting space for this. Let me know how much space/bandwidth this is taking and I'll set you up. This doesn't belong on an ad-/malware-laden free service.

(I don't pay too much attention to this forum, obviously, so bother me on IRC if I don't respond here)
going nowhere fast...
written by Skinnymon on Oct 12, 2010 06:12
Thanks to Mingamango181. As I have indicated to Serpens, it has been my hope that my explorations will provide impetus to others to join the project. After all, just how difficult is it even for the least experienced Stardrifters to find the Home Systems and take some pictures?

As for myself, I have been currently involved with some involved surveys of sectors on Suricrasia. (No doubt to neuzd's chagrin, since I have "dropped the ball" on a couple of his exploratory suggestions. My bad. )

My submissions will be forthcoming. It is just that certain other duties seem to occur that distraaaaacccc... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz {snore!}

[Anyway, one note: it doesn't hurt if there are some sectors duplicated by explorers. After all it never hurts to have different views of sectors. Particularly some on Felysia and -AHEM!!!- Suricrasia, if you catch my drift.

And I like your suggestion, Selbio
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