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i do my own stun-- avatars
written by Albeyamakiir on Jul 23, 2009 23:03
He said earlier that it could be as detailed or vague as neccissary. If the sniper is an important character, a lot of detail could be put in him, whereas if he's in the story for all of 30 seconds, there might be very little on him.
written by Anderson on Aug 17, 2009 21:28
anyways, I've been really busy processing beer into urine, and have been unable to inspire myself to do any examples. I'm starting to put together an idea of how I think the food stuff might be done, but it's hard from polished

just saying I havnt forgotten about this.
and dont bother reaing the rest of this, it's just a little work in progress shit.
examples ahead

name: phil conners
other stuff: 246249637482
food prefs: 0-5-5-7-9
mem pref: +2 bananas
-a strawberries

cooking example
I'm gonna add more to this, i just dont want to save this anywhere else
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. /../An idea: Characterization.../ 123
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