. /../Hey guys I'm back!/ 1
written by Sitcon on Sep 15, 2009 14:00
Sorry I have been away for a while, I also see the website has had an update scince last.

Could sombody tell me where we can chat?
written by Cryoburner on Sep 15, 2009 20:43
Try the chat frame.
Note the "SHOW CHAT FRAME" button to the upper left.
That doesn't necessarily guarantee anyone will reply to you though. : |

Some also hang out in IRC. The server for it was recently changed, with details found in the thread "How to join Internet Relay Chat (IRC)", pinned in the Whatever section.
It's possible no one will talk to you there either. : |

There's also the forum itself, which could be considered a form of slow chatting.
There are other sections than the Noctis one as well, which might be more fitting for general purpose topics, like this one.
Of course, it's still possible that no one to reply to you. : |
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. /../Hey guys I'm back!/ 1
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