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written by Drpetrovic on Sep 15, 2009 15:17
Hello everyone,

I have just checked back on this site after a few years and I am pleasantly surprised that there are still people playing Noctis IV out there. I have been playing with NICE in the past few years, but I never bothered to send any Outbox as I thought I was the only guy on the planet still playing this game. Sadly, I have lost all the data of my surveying of the galaxy...

Now I have just converted to NIV+ 2.1, but I have a little difficulty indentifying exactly the function keys that are implemented in this version. I know all the functions of Noctis IV, but I can't find the exact list of function keys added in NIV+., despite having read Neuzd's text file on the history of changes in NIV+. I have also downloaded Neuzd's great additional GOES functions. Thanks!!!

I have a few other questions (sorry if the information is available and that I didn't find it):

- To which email address should I send my Outbox? How often should I send it?
- I accidentally created two other usernames in the Noctis Mapper system that I won't use("Kalvinator" and "Dr.Petrovic") and I can't find how to delete them. I use now "DrPetrovic" (WITHOUT the dot between "Dr" and "Petrovic").
-How do we use the stardrifter roof speedup? I forgot and can't find the info.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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written by Neuzd on Sep 15, 2009 15:42
Hey there, welcome (back?) to the forums!

The keys added in NIV+ are in fact very few.
The only features that have keyboard controls are the moviemaker (which has its own -updated- manual) and the roofspeed, which in fact may not be "officially" documented....

"F3" opens up the moviemaker window. "Enter" starts and stops the recording (check the manual though!).
"S" is the switch for enabling/disabling the roofspeed.

By the way, my readme is a little confusing and is mostly compiled for my own use.
The readme you should have read is the one published along with the archive you downbloaded.
It's a lot shorter and clearer and is targeted at the regular user.
If you missed it: nivplus changes

Your outbox should be sent here through the FEEDBACK form in these forums.

The next StarMap update shouldn't be too far in time. Follow the discussions here, as I think I'm going to announce the update with a couple of weeks earlier, so you can finish labeling that system and have a "fine job" done.

NICE starmaps files were in another format that those of NIV, so if you still had those saves, the only solution would have been running NIV and reach all the stars you labeled in NICE and label them again.
For the NoctisMapepr page, I'm gonna fix it later, don't worry.

Geez, I was too fast with my answer and overlooked at the new features. Sorry for that, you asked for a list and a list is what I should have posted in the first place. So, enough blahing:

[Jetpack - surface only]
thrust: spacebar
lower altitude: L
cutoff key: C (hold it down to keep the direction and look around)
Jump (well, not really a jetpack function): J

Open console: F3
Start/stop recording: Enter
change movie #: CTRL +/- (the # is like a name for the movie)
change fps: +/-
pause/resume recording: P

[Mouselook - surface only]
cycle through modes: Up arrow (3 modes to choose from)

Snapshot: B, M
Raw snapshot: Delete, *
Panoramic snapshot: N (surface only)

[Roofspeed - SD only]
switch speed up while on the roof: S

A list like this was needed, thanks for the heads up, I'll see how to update the manual if it needs it.
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written by Drpetrovic on Sep 15, 2009 21:14
Thanks Neuzd for the summary and congrats for all the great job you are doing. BTW, I love your new GOES commands.

I will regularly check out the forum from now on.

written by Cryoburner on Sep 16, 2009 01:00
Why are there separate buttons for jump and the jetpack, anyway? The spacebar can double for both, since tapping it is functionally equivalent to using the jump key. Also, I notice you only list N for panoramic screenshots. Does forward slash, the default in Noctis IV, no longer work?

One other thing I was wondering was whether it would be possible to enable a higher framerate everywhere, rather than just on the roof. At one point, Alex removed the framerate limiter from Noctis IV, but eventually re-enabled it after finding it ran a bit too fast on newer systems. I still have this version of Noctis IV, and it's a lot smoother, even if it tends to run a bit fast. Rather than removing it entirely, might it work to include an option to double the framerate everywhere? That would allow for smoother movement, without making things excessively fast on newer systems.

Another thing I noticed is that Noctis IV+ includes the classic pitch black thick atmosphere worlds, where you often can't even see your landing capsule directly in front of you, and have to delete surface.bin to escape. Might it be possible to raise the minimum brightness on those planets a little, or at least include a light source or alternate vision mode to work around that scenario?

Oh, and hi DrPetrovic! I seem to have hijacked your thread. : D
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written by Neuzd on Sep 16, 2009 07:45
For the "/" panoramic screenshot I never had it running, no matter which version of Noctis I was playing, nor the machine i was playing it on.
Someone found it was fixed for them even only on the first release of NIV+.
I don't have it working even now, so I can't give you a proper answer about that.

For keys, I'm implementing functions that get activated by the same keys as they did in NICE.
Jump doesn't work exactly like tapping the jetpack, but I never used jump. If you could chain it with some jetpack action it would be nice but it doesn't.

For the framerate I'll have a look. Maybe 30 fps is already a good compromise. But the subject is really delicate because I'm afraid the framerate directly affects the "speed of time".
(Personally I play fullscreen on a 20" 16/9 monitor, and after 3 minutes of playing I don't even notice anymore the blocky images and shaking framerate, but I guess that's just me. I enjoy nocits even when I'm not playing)

Thick atmo orbiting S05 are just great : D
Sorry for that, but I even went on a small mission aimed at defining the lighting conditions of objects orbiting very faint stars, and left comments in the GUIDE right about this.

Alternative vision is the right suggestion for such situations, though. I'm adding it to my todo list, right now.
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