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written by Thutman on Nov 01, 2009 02:13
alright, I don't mean to sound angry, but I've been tryiing for almost an hour and I can't get Noctis to work at all. What am i supposed to be doing? I keep
getting a error that says

"this system does not support fullscreen mode"

What does this mean and how do I fix it? please help thanks.
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written by Starchaser on Nov 01, 2009 04:06
You are trying to run it on Vista or Windows 7... Stop doing that.

I don't know the success of running it in XP mode on Windows 7 but if you are using it then try that.

Otherwise if you have another machine running Linux Noctis can run at fullspeed in DOSemu. That's all the info I have, good luck and I hope the others have better info. Also try reading some of the other threads, many people have had trouble with "newer" versions of Windows meaning there are other threads about it.
written by Monty on Nov 01, 2009 23:20
Try DOSBox.
written by Raptorjedi on Nov 01, 2009 23:43
In before Megagun going "DOSBox is STUPID AND DOESN'T WORK!"

People have mixed results with DOSBox, and it probably won't work. You can try it though. You would be better off trying XP though.
written by Dorino on Nov 07, 2009 20:05
I've had DOSBox working on both Windows 7 and Vista, running Noctis at fine speeds.

The default cycles for dosbox slow it down, make sure you up that. Otherwise, default dosbox works fine. Or atleast has for me. Always.
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written by Selbio on Nov 08, 2009 18:03
There's also my USB boot disk solution.
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