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written by Hai on Nov 09, 2009 12:13
Hello, people.
This is a apologise, not a unbanme.

My life sucks without you guys, your all a bunch of cool geeks, unlike me, i am one of the lone ones wich spend their lifes complaining about how much they suck at stuff.
I did a nice attempt at moving on, i am learning C/C++ and that goes pretty well, i got some friends (On Steam), and a real one wich is in a whole other corner of the technical stuff.
We have alot of fun with trying to build stuff like radio systems, and getting bikes and cars to work. Thats nice too,
I recovered my ROBLOX account, and a good old friend (Real life). We are planning to meet agani soon..

About the girls: Well, i got alot of girls running about me, wich arent interested in me, proably because of my under-developed social skills.. whatever, thats the price for being a nerd.

I got bit trouble with the internet, i got shit to my knees with goon problems, (Theyre like a Mafia.. lol) and most places they dont want me,
I packed my virtual backpack and went to Facepunch, a nice place, too big for any real enemy releated social connect and like.
Had some few bans in the start, but things turn out well now.

My life simply sucks without you guys, but thats my own fault. Period.
I want so say sorry for all that crap i have done, my pathetic attempts at trolling, my dumb questions, my spamming..

I am trying to move on, but i keep failing.
This is not a unban me, i think you know who i am..

But, i will do my salute in some rather geeky way.

You still rock Alex,
79 110 102 111 114 116 121

This is some of what i wrote for you guys, content from AMessageToABB.txt

Wich i pulled on my USB and went to the school.

Just a apogolise, nothing more, i couldnt resist to do this, cause i have done so much shit and greif to you guys, i have stopped doing what i have done, but my grammar still fail.

And the C/C++ stuff isnt a lie, i did some ASCII paint program with C++, utilizing the windows.h thing.. lost source-code in last re-installation, i hate myself for what i have done. Then i had that outrage on HnH wich was pure annoyance and arrogance and ignorance what so ever, i didnt realise it wasent a 100 men dev team before i posted that. Well, fuck, i am trying to move on it the life.

So, sorry all people wich feelings i have hurted, sorry all i have annoyed, sorry Starchaser, Megagun, all thoose admin dudes, wich bravely fighted towards the guy wich called himself Onforty but should have named himself "Greif" instead, sorry everybody, i was too inmature or however you spell it.

Its a paradox that i got rating 80-82-98 ratings in our national 7th grade english test... or something.

I was a idiot towards you guys.
So, i apgolise you all, i havent used any proxy or hacked anyhing, i am too dumb for that. I just registered on the schools computers, so, i think you guys already guessed who the hell i am: I am Onforty, the sad and unlucky teenager.

I take my life serious now, but its hard as Dumbledore (Trying to avoid too much cursing)

Dumbledore i am shaking just by writing this.

Well, i think its time to click post.

But one last message, can i keep this user? I will just lurk alittle around and sometimes post, but never ask about anything. And i will try not to flood the chat.

Oh oh! You rock Alex, you rock as Dumbledore..

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written by Starchaser on Nov 09, 2009 15:07
I'm a little torn here.
I dislike you, that is a fact.

I have read some of the past problems with trolls deeper into the past of this forum and they have been repeat offenders again and again.
So why should we give you a second chance to stay?

Obviously I can't speak for the rest of the community on this matter...
I just don't think you should have come back, even if it was to apologise.

I think your intentions were good, I can't know for sure.
I think could learn to live with you hanging around... Eventually.

What do the admins/mods think?

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written by Megagun on Nov 09, 2009 15:15
I think everyone should not judge before observing.

If 'Hai' turns out to be a troll or a detriment to the community, he's out of here. Otherwise, he's welcome to stick around.
written by Raptorjedi on Nov 09, 2009 21:01
If the rest of the mods/admins don't care, then I don't care either, but I know how it's going to end.

He's said he has changed before, and he never really did, and this time will be no different.
written by Hai on Nov 10, 2009 19:02
Well, my intentions now are nothing but passive conversation. Trolls has ruined a lot of my threads on other forums, i cant do anything but hating them now. I am simply trying to realise my dreams.

Summa summarum:
I got no intentions of harm to anybody, excluding selected inviduals wich literally is a threat towards my fate. I note, - This is no one of you people, no one on the internet but some people who gave me a hard time, so hard time that it made me insane.

So, i come, to stay or not, its you decisions, moderators of AnywhereBB.

- Onforty
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