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written by Imperiex-prime on Dec 03, 2009 07:27
I have forgotten some... more like most of the controls of Noctis while on a planet, can someone enlighten me the controls for taking panorama pics, jet pack controls, or can someone point me in the right direction so i can read up on it, any help would be appreaciated.
written by Sunfire on Dec 03, 2009 10:58
try F1 while you are on the surface, and welcome to the forum
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written by Neuzd on Dec 03, 2009 13:53
The F1-key help is present only in NICE.

The Noctis manual has rarely been updated and adapted to the new content, but separate help files in the form of HTML documents should be present in your Noctis copy, too.

Also, you should tell us which version of Noctis you are playing, because some controls may be different.

This list should cover the controls that are the same in NIV+ and NICE:
Up: cycle mouselook controls.
Space: boost jetpack
L: lower altitude
B: raw screenshot
N: panoramic shot
*: screenshot + info
1-9: walking speed
PgUp/Sown: raise/lower visor

This should be enough to let you run around and explore, but again: read the manual.
written by 4616599 on Dec 03, 2009 18:37
On planet surfaces, the main controls are:
keys 0-9, for changing running speed
Holding the left mouse key also leads to running(hence I typically press both 9 and the
left key on surfaces)
Right mouse key+panning up/down changes the view angle
* takes a screenshot
Page Up/Down raises and lowers the visor. (Typically I keep it down, but many of the more experienced users like it up)

If you're using Noctis IV+, additional controls are
L- hard landing
Space- jetpack(*or 'vimana buffer', as I term it)
C - jetpack directional control cutoff
N or / - panoramic shot
F2 - movie recorder
Up arrow - mouselook toggle
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