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written by P-tate on Jan 03, 2010 22:38
I was exploring some dusty rock last night and I decided to call it quits and hit the hay. I exit the program without returning to my ship.
When I start up the next day, I am standing in the same spot, BUT MY SURFACE POD IS GONE!!! I have looked everywhere and it is nowhere to be found. I can't even see it's tether on the horizon.

What am I supposed to do?!
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written by Neuzd on Jan 03, 2010 22:51
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Your surface pod should be about the center of the sector you're exploring, at surface-coords: 0.0

The data displayed on the top part of your visor shows, in order, the date, the sector's coordinates (planetwise), and your coordinates inside the sector.

For instance in this picture:
EPOC 6011 747.510.929 is the date
SQC 213.114 are the sector's coords.
-9.65 are the coordinates where you are located at the moment.

An important "fix" for everything bad that can happen on a planet is deleting the file called surface.bin.
If you do so and restart Noctis, you will be inside the StarDrifter.
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. /../I'm stranded!!!/ 1
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