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written by Perky on Jan 11, 2010 19:39
Hi guys. Im not sure if many remember me, because I have hard time trying to remember all you guys.

I was browsing in the vast world of internets tonight and I ended up here again. Many many months, maybe even year has passed without remembering this place and you guys.

I remember the last time I checked this place was quiet. I can see though that the site has new interface; I like it a lot!

Gotta download noctis again and give it a shot. Is the new version still in developement?

What about ou guys, how have you been?
Good to take a look at this place again. Although I never was that active member, there's always warm and fuzzy feeling in me when I think about this place.


ps. Gosh this username. :p
written by Buuks on Jan 11, 2010 20:51
I remember you. At least your username

Have you already met Mary Lou? Our latest toy!
written by Perky on Jan 11, 2010 22:16
Mary Lou?
Im afraid not, what or who are you talking about?

And yea, I remember you too Buuks.
written by Cryoburner on Jan 11, 2010 22:25
Perky! Nice to see you back!

This site does tend to get a bit quiet whenever Alex disappears for a while, though he's here now, and supposedly will be trying to stick around for a while. : )

As for Noctis, I believe Alex's plans are to return to it very soon. If you're downloading Noctis IV again, you might want to try NIVPlus, which is a modification that adds some useful features from Noctis IV CE, without breaking backward compatibility with the starmap. Noctis IV CE (NICE) is another option with more features, but it hasn't been updated in a while, and contains a couple fairly significant bugs. Under Windows Vista / 7 the only version of Noctis to run natively is the Windows port of NICE, and for the others you'll need something like DOSBox and a fairly powerful CPU, or the Noctis boot disk.

Mary Lou is Alex's cat (Well, one of them now). You can (sort of) converse with her in the chat frame. : P
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written by Yayo on Jan 11, 2010 23:22
hi perky! welcome back! : )
btw, I'm reading now a book named Possession by Antonia Byatt, and guess what? I found a character (just mentioned) named Mary Lou. : P
maybe Alex read it too and has been inspired?
; )

written by Perky on Jan 12, 2010 19:40
Aah, I see now.
Well thanks for the welcome back(s)!

I just got myself a new laptop with win7 in it. I'll propably run Noctis it via DosBox, but I'll check NIVPlus.
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written by Megagun on Jan 12, 2010 22:27
Welcome back, Perky!

And.... ugh..
written by Cryoburner on Jan 12, 2010 23:28
Heh... If you do try DOSBox, there are some suggestions on improving performance in this thread. Note that those able to run Noctis IV at full speed have relatively high-end processors though. Noctis I, II, and III should run at full speed on lower-end processors, though you don't get access to the starmap and guide, and planetary surfaces are somewhat different. With Noctis II, you can get sound effects in DOSBox though, which is something worth checking out.

There was also an attempt at modifying Noctis IV to improve DOSBox performance, which can be found here, but it only got as far as improving performance on the stardrifter ( While making the text ugly : P ) but performance on planetary surfaces is still rather slow.

If you're having trouble getting it to run and are willing to reboot to play, there's also the Noctis USB Boot Disk. : )
written by Perky on Jan 13, 2010 12:38
Roger, cheers for the help!
written by Perky on Jan 14, 2010 13:26
I have been figuring this forum out, and it's really brilliant! The chat window feature, how it's always there despite if you browse the forum and the ability to expand it is really handy.
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