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written by Deeminllama on Jan 19, 2010 11:34

I am looking for the following: a nice, good introduction for any noobs. I have been playing Noctis on and of for a few years now and each time I do it is hard to get back into it. This is mainly due to the confusion of all the information and choices. It is easy to know what is going on here if you are here every single day. For those of us who are not though I was wondering if the following could somewhere be found, and thus I be directed towards it, or if it could be created: a comprehensive introduction to Noctis for any newbies. Perhaps in the form of a pinned thread here?

It should be a post that should ofcourse contain the basics: here is noctis to download, here you can find the manual, here is a link to the FAQ etc.
More importantly though, and this is where my problem comes in: It should also contain some explanation of all the other things that are going on: if i am a newcomer should i play NICE or NIV+? If so why? What are the pro's and cons? Where do I get them and how do I install these? Do I need the Noctismapper and how does it work? Where do I get the latest galaxymap for it?
Furthermore, how does the videocreator work, specific details on naming stars etc.

Don't just simply say "go read the manual". I know there is a manual, but this only contains a part of the information. All of these should be contained in one place. Or at the very least the links to all of them with some explanation to it.

More often then not this is a key part in the success of a game - the ease with which newbies can fall in.

As it stands though it feels as if i have to wade through a jungle each time I come back after a few months just to find out what is going on.

Is there a single, comprehensive, place where all of these questions are answered that I possibly overlooked? If so could I please be directed to it? If not, how can we create one?
r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jan 19, 2010 14:25
I'm writing a kind of small vademecum for Noctis, because most of Deeminllama's post makes pretty much sense. Other parts don't, so I'll start with the personal stuff.
When you ask about how the moviemaker works and about labeling systems, well...it's in the manual(s).
The moviemaker has its own manual, and since it works differently from NIV+ and NICE (and is absent in vanilla Noctis), you should really read the one that came with your version.
And labeling....what exactly do you want to know? Every informations you need is in the manual, and no I'm not explaining it again, because I'd simply copy and paste the manual contents.

There's already a place in the forums where most Noctis informations are gathered, and it's the Noctis IV homepage.
It's not totally out of date as it may seem. On the left sidebar, for instance are linked the last starmap update, the discussions of NIV+ and NICE, and some other useful links.
Anyway, it's obvious that it is a big mess, so I thought of a small document for those who feel stranded by the confusion and the terminally lazy.

People, add stuff of yours, keeping it short and clear (so if you can, correct my things, too : P ).
NOCTIS IV . quick startup

Since when Alex released the source code of Noctis, a couple of projects have seen the light of day:
- Noctis IV (aka: NIV or Vanilla Noctis): the original build, no modifications.
- NICE (Noctis IV Community Edition): lots of major bugfixes and upgrades. Many improvements have been made to add details and variety to the surface of planets, rendering NICE "uncompatible" with the standard Noctis. NICE's development is no more supported, and so does its starmap.
- Noctis IV+ (aka: NIVplus): a project to include some of the various NICE modifications without breaking compatibility with Noctis' generation of the galaxy and surface features. Supported and in (slow) active development. Intended to be 100% compatible with Vanilla Noctis: everything that is valid for Noctis, should be also for NIV+.

The current(active) starmap updates are for Vanilla Noctis and NIV+ only.
NICE starmap is phisically different and support has halted.

MANUAL(S) LOCATION (this sounds very silly, I hope we don't need to tell people how to navigate their file browsers now)
Noctis, NIV+: /manual/
NICE: /docs/

- Additional modules (NIV, NIV+ only):
http://www.neuzd.org/noctis/var/modules/ and description
- Noctismapper needs a file called starmap2.bin
You can generate one by yourself using a program called Triceratops (IT SEEMS THERE'S ONLY THE SRC LEFT IN THE CDISK, HELP SL?).
Or you can download the one I provide in my cdisk folder, this file gets overwritten every time I generate a new one, so it's always up to date:
cd/zips/Neuzd/starmap2 (467 Kb)
Remember that this program takes from some hours to some days to scan the galaxy, depending on the options it's been compiled with.
For this reason it is very difficult to have a starmap2 that includes all the systems in starmap.
As a general rule for things you can't find in the manual (this means that you have read it/them): ASK ME.
It's not that I know everything, but I do know some things and I'm the person who's actively supporting Noctis the most, since some times.
written by Deeminllama on Jan 19, 2010 21:18
Thx for the info you supplied Neuzd. My problem is that it is still scattered somewhat. I therefore created this as an attempt to illustrate:


(250 kb)

if i am not allowed to do so due to some copyright reason or something (i do credit the original authors) then let me know. or if you can use it then let me know. or if there is something wrong with it that needs fixing then let me know.

oh, and i kept the pictures to a min. could increase these though. would probably help and increase the quality.

anywhoo. hope it helps.


r'lyeh sweet r'lyeh
written by Neuzd on Jan 20, 2010 13:54
I don't really think this was needed.

It's nice to see such enthusiasm, but a rewriting of the manual is not a happy choice in my point of view.

Your original proposal was the right thing. Doing a vademecum for the players who found themselves lost in the pages of the forum trying to understand even which version should they play.

Vanilla Noctis is the only official version of the game. And it can live alone with its manual.
People can play with this minimum and live the full experience. If you want the "added juice" and benefit from years of community experience, you should take the traditional way: stay in the community or build a knowledge base of yours keeping track of your findings.
Otherwise, you're most probably playing the wrong game. The Noctis player is supposed to be a very curious guy....

I perfectly agree though that everything else should be collected in a single place as you mention, but in my opinion it should be more in the form of an FAQ, or anyway with well defined topics and short and clear explanations.
Lazy people who don't want to search the forums for their answers will not read your manual either. No matter how complete it is.

Also, I don't think you should worry about copyright infringement, it's more that you don't seem to be expert enough about the subject to embark in such a big task and your work suffers from a series of problems (I personally don't like the fact that it is a .doc, for instance).

I'm pretty sure several users will slap me in the face for this message, but I didn't want to sound harsh for real, I hope you understand my reaction at seeing someone without experience trying to pull off a thing like that.
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