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written by 4616599 on Feb 04, 2010 11:58
(OOC: err...Gligar, I actually meant Joris-O there as a reference to the previous game, but he(or is it now a she?)'s obviously gone through a thorough brainscrub, so still has a pretty muddled memory.)

Anyway, I look at the screen and reply, trying to appear confident ,
"Yes, we're all awake, ready to receive Friend Computer's instructions."
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written by Gligar on Feb 04, 2010 12:56
(OOC: Well, I haven't seen your ME card, and those jumpsuits don't give any sort of indication of gender, so... )

The figure responds. "Ah, excellent! By now, you'll have realised that your memory is gone. This is due to a Communist attack on this sector's compnode, causing a massive loss of data and of the compnode itself. Among the lost data are the MemoMax records of this sector's residents. Therefore, Emergency Protocol 214/57/[DFSR] was initiated, and here you are.

"Your mission will be to find a way to terminate the Communists and power up the backup compnode.

Any questions?"

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written by Megagun on Feb 04, 2010 12:58
"Uuh, how do we identify Commies? Are they wearing red clothes or something!?"
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written by Gligar on Feb 04, 2010 13:04
"That is correct. They wear red jumpsuits without insignia."
written by 4616599 on Feb 04, 2010 13:08
(OOC: Don't mind too much Gligar, anything goes)

"Well," I reply ",that explains why I seem to have gone through a brainscrub that seems to fall under the Friend Computer's usual high standards."and add, more quietly, "Makes me wonder about how it happened...I seem to have the strange desire to laser a scrubot..."

"I don't have too many questions presently, but where's our equipment, what's known about that Communist group and will we be be assisted by any higher ranked troubleshooters or Intsec?"
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written by Gligar on Feb 04, 2010 14:03
"Unfortunately, little information relating to the Communist group is available at this time. They are known to be heavily armed, and have occupied the sector's main PLC warehouse, along with other installations. You will have to obtain equipment yourself. All other personnel have been either evacuated or terminated, You must rely on your own resources, plus whatever you can procure.

"I suggest making your way to Troubleshooter Headquarters, which isn't too far from where you are now.

Now... time for one more question, I think."

You hear clicking, as of doors unlocking.
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written by Speeder on Feb 04, 2010 23:43
I (Stu-O? or Speeder-UV? ) enters the room, in a noisy manner, that is, making the doors that just unlocked open violently.

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written by Gligar on Feb 05, 2010 00:06
(OOC: you were already in the room Everyone starts there.

Let's assume that you decided to test the doors, then. Of course, they're unlocked, so they opened rather loudly )

When Speed-R has finished playing with the doors, the figure says, "No further questions? Right then, get to it! If you need to contact me, my PDC number is 49302."

The silhouette disappears from the screen.

i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Feb 05, 2010 00:18
I want a PDC too! Give me one!

Oh... I have one, nevermind...

Hum... those brainscrubs should be less scrubbing, they make us not remember stuff... I don't remember from what sector I am...

* peer at the ME card *

Crap, something damaged the place where my sector was written... So... I am just Speed-R now, officially nomad. In fact, since that information was erased from me and from the card, I suppose that my sector of origin is a important matter that the friend computer choose to not disclose.
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written by Selbio on Feb 05, 2010 00:21
"All right then, guys. Let's go find something to eat."

I walk out and look for a map to the nearest place to get some food, or a food dispenser, or wherever we eat. I mean, it's not like I'd remember anyway. I just want food.
written by 4616599 on Feb 05, 2010 10:10
I watch as the clones walk out . "Go on," I call ",I don't mind not taking the lead in a sector infested with CMTs, or whatever threat that's out there."
I then follow them cautiously. Surely there should be a utility center nearby?
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written by Albeyamakiir on Feb 05, 2010 10:28
"Ok, you follow. I'll go in the middle... or, unless... no, I think it's safer if I'm last. Or, wait! I'll stand in the middle and walk sideways! Yes. Just in case..."
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written by Gligar on Feb 05, 2010 11:34
The six of you enter what seems to be a small RED concourse, with a few vendobots. There are three other doors leading off.

Strangely, there are no chairs or anything here.

(OOC: Please note that any new players will still start in the meeting hall.)

written by 4616599 on Feb 05, 2010 12:17
I approach a vendobot, motioning for some others to follow. "Hey, vendobot, we're just passing through after hearing the evacuation call. What's new?"
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written by Gligar on Feb 05, 2010 14:22
"You probably know more than I do. Nobody tells me anything," the vendobot replies. "All I know is, there was a general alarm, then my Computer link was disconnected. Then, there was a bunch of noise, then you arrived a bit later."
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