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i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Sep 20, 2019 14:46
I ask whatever random clone nearby is nearby to close the other bot if noone closes it after it is empty.

Then I start heading off toward building 1.
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written by Gligar on Sep 20, 2019 22:16
Point One, [REDACTED], right now

L4-O decides that he has no preference as to who joins him on his team.

"That's fine," Jam-Y replies. "I think I'll join you."

"Then I'll join Speed-G," Paula-O replies.

"Me too," John-O adds.

Leaving just Lucas-O. "Aww, I'm the last... again... I guess I'm with L4-O..."

He's interrupted by Speed-G, reminding him to lock the bot. "Oh, yeah..." he replies, and goes to make sure of it.

This gives Speed-G, Paula-O and John-O time to start heading towards what we're calling Building 1, leaving the other three behind...
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Sep 22, 2019 02:23
I go in a calm pace, not in a particular hurry. Also I am HAPPY for some reason Paula is with me. And also confortable with the fact I have a mind reader with me too.
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Sep 22, 2019 19:13
"Well, off we go then, don't want to let them get too far ahead of us in the search!"

I lead the team towards the second of the good buildings.
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written by Gligar on Sep 22, 2019 22:20
Point One, [REDACTED], right now

Speed-G seems quite calm as he and Team One head for Building 1. He doesn't even seem in any hurry, given how competetive he tends to be when he's up against L4-O. But then again, this isn't really a race, jsut a quick scouting out of these buildings...

And them having a psionic mutant is a bonus (though Paula-O likely disagrees with that line of thought).

Over with Team Two, L4-O decides that they should pick up the pace, definitely wanting to not get left behind.

Soon, the teams stand before their respective buildings. The doors look closed, but somehow compelling. All is quiet.
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Sep 23, 2019 07:12
I cautiously step up to the door and try to peek inside to assess the situation.
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written by Gligar on Sep 23, 2019 22:06
Building 2, Point One, [REDACTED], right now

Taking a peek inside, L4-O notes that the door leads in to a small foyer with two doors and a flight of stairs. It's dark in there but L4-O's implants can make out some light fixtures, a noticeboard, and even a small table and a couple of chairs.
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written by Lightning4 on Sep 24, 2019 00:24
I cautiously enter and start looking around for any signs of recent habitation.

I start making my way to one of the light fixtures to see if it has an independent power source or if we need to try to rig up our own power.
i haz title: speed-g-dof
written by Speeder on Sep 24, 2019 20:28
Unless the others already figured out how to open the door, I make an attempt myself.
standing on my title
written by Gligar on Sep 24, 2019 22:33
Building 2, Point One, [REDACTED], right now

Okay, so it is now time for L4-O and Team Two to enter!

The first thing L4-O looks for is any signs that anyone has been here recently. (OOC: rolling: 7) As it turns out, he finds a couple of discarded food wrappers on the table... though from the layer of dust, they have been here for some time, perhaps a couple of yearcycles. And the lack of footprints in the dust elsewhere (except for the ones they're making, of course) also points to a state of general abandonment... some areas more than others; the dust seems less thick near the door and one of the side rooms.

Building 1, Point One, [REDACTED], right now

After staring at the door for a couple of minutecycles, Speed-G finally gets the idea to try and open it. And it does indeed open... it wasn't even locked!
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Sep 25, 2019 07:24
I go over to the light fixtures and see if they function at all, or if I can figure out any source of power that we can try to establish... assuming that power isn't already on, of course!
written by Cryoburner on Sep 25, 2019 18:41
"You think so? As a former bot saleslone and general expert, I really don't think the power packs would be a good place to store pens, what with all the power stored in them and everything. Now the cup holders, sure, you could definitely store pens in those, provided there are no drinks already in them. I guess you could store the pens in the drinks though. That would probably work."

I check whether the bots are carrying any drinks.
standing on my title
written by Gligar on Sep 25, 2019 22:56
Building 2, Point One, [REDACTED], right now

L4-O turns his attention to the light fixtures. Clearly, they are not operational; his implants taking up the slack with letting him see things. However, he can also see what appears to be a conduit for a power line, which seems to run through all of the light fixtures in the lobby.

Following it to its end, it seems to lead into one of the side rooms. Peeking inside shows that it ends at some sort of power distribution box.

Simulation Entry Port 5.24.GREEN, Sublevel 5, Simulation Building 1, Happy Fun Vacation Zone, LOL Sector, 0h19m00s ago

Cyrus-R doesn't fall for it. Power packs aren't good places to store pens, unlike, and let's all say it together: cupholders! Which, of course, in Cyrus-R's mind, absolutely everything has.

Even Cyrus-R should have noticed by now that there are ZERO CUPHOLDERS on any of the bots, and that they are, in fact, holding ZERO DRINKS. Besides, they are not programmed to hold drinks, they are programmed to assist with simulation entry pod maintenance.

"You just don't get it, do you?" says the tech. "We're too busy to do your surveys--"

He's interrupted by an alarm from the terminal. "We've got a pressure alarm in the nutrient system," the tech at ther terminal reports.

"Then we'd better go and figure out where that is. And you," he adds, looking directly at Cyrus-R, "are not to follow us, is that clear?"

Though I don't know how much of that Cyrus-R paid attention to, as his implants are currently informing him, with flashing notifications that fill his entire vision, that various items within his field of vision have ZERO CUPHOLDERS. Also, is it my imagination or is something burning?
sumting need doing?
written by Lightning4 on Sep 26, 2019 00:24
I further investigate the side room, and see if the power distribution box is connected to something that could supply power, or that we could connect power to.
standing on my title
written by Gligar on Sep 26, 2019 22:13
Side room, Building 2, Point One, [REDACTED], right now

Entering and looking around more closely, L4-O notices one of the cables connected to the power distribution box, which leads to a large device in the same room. It has the same shape as the secondary generators sometimes to deployed to sectors where the main reactor has become compromised and/or unable to properly function due to no fault of Power Services, no doubt -- or perhaps the reactor has not yet been built. Or maybe the building the generator is deployed to has become disconnected from the grid for some reason. You get the idea.

(OOC: rolling: 5)

A memory surfaces of a vidshow that showed one of these; apparently, they can convert anything organic to power, sort of the same way that a clone converts Hot Fun to energy to keep from suddenly fainting due to near-starvation halfway through a workcycle. That's nowhere near as efficient as the reactors, according to Power Services, but any power is better than no power, right?
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