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written by Gligar on Feb 10, 2010 16:02
It turns out that Joris-R doesn't need to go to the high-clearance areas, as he finds some RED grenades, and takes six of them.


e: Star-R enters the warehouse at a run and notes the broken light bulbs.
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written by Speeder on Feb 10, 2010 17:10
I search for a rocket launcher, and whatever else cool weapon that don't cause explosions (like shotguns, rifles, machineguns... that sort of thing...)..

Also I grab 2 grenades from where Joris go his 6.

(ooc: altough we are finding grenades, I still think that maybe B3 are a more powerfull weapon... I wonder what they are made off...)
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written by Gligar on Feb 10, 2010 17:31
Unfortunately, it looks like this warehouse has already been picked over for weapons. All that can be found are the knives and grenades,

Plus the B3 and whatever else can be improvised...
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written by Lightning4 on Feb 10, 2010 19:40
My attention focuses on a shiny knife. I snatch it quickly and pet it while saying "Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny"

After a while I get bored and start looking around the warehouse for any other shinies.
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written by Selbio on Feb 10, 2010 21:55
I grab a few grenades and begin using them against Foursixonesixfiveninenine-R while shouting "TRAITOR! KILL THE TRAITOR!" I also grab a knife just in case he's still alive by the time I'm done with the grenades.
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written by Gligar on Feb 10, 2010 22:29
There's nobody called Foursixonesixfiveninenine-R here, but it's worth taking some grenades for if you run into him -- he might be a Communist after all

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written by Speeder on Feb 11, 2010 00:11
So, I grab two grenades anyway...

Then I proceed to grab two knives too.

Then I get a spare maintenance cooper tube, and some silvertape, insert the knife handle inside the tube, and use the silvertape there, thus making a cool totally awesome "Speeder's Spear TM" or called SS.

Then I go searching for whatever expands and contracts (like elastics, baloons, rubber... whatever like that...)
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written by Gligar on Feb 11, 2010 00:32
See? Improvisation!

Anyway, there's half a box of those Party Pop-R balloons that young Junior Citizens are sometimes given - you know the ones, with the loyalty slogans on them. These ones say "I [heart] IntSec".
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written by Lightning4 on Feb 11, 2010 00:36
I grab a couple, being utterly fascinated with them.
I accidentally pop one with Fred the knife.

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written by Gligar on Feb 11, 2010 00:51
Hmmm... naming one's weapons... that's done by Armed Forces personnel, right?

Jackboots are marching this way again.
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written by Speeder on Feb 11, 2010 02:10
I tought that the baloons were not inflated...

Anyway, I grab two shorter cooper tubes, fit the stretched baloons in one end, and look around for small objects that fit inside the other end, even better if I find a plastic bag with metal spheres, like those used in bearings and other equipment. But beans, nuts or bolts can work too.

As I hear the Jackboots, I shove the bag of chips in a pocket, in other pocket I shove the grenades, and finally I tuck the knife carefully in my boots, in a way to not cut anything, and proceed to do whatever I was doing, but still holding the SS.
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written by Albeyamakiir on Feb 11, 2010 02:46
I grab two knives and put them in my inventory. I was about to grab more stuff, but upon hearing the Jackboots, I dart back to the vending-machine room, grab 4 B3 cans and put them in my inventory too.

(By the way, are our inventories like those of adventure game characters? ie. infinite within semi-reason?)

I head back to the stairs to listen for the boots while staying out of sight.
written by Cryoburner on Feb 11, 2010 03:55
Deciding that the sound of jackboots is a sound I might not like hearing up close, I decide to head back into the concourse, grabbing a couple unbroken light bulbs off the shelf as I leave.

"I'm going to check if E_Net-R is alright. We can't afford to leave anyone alone for too long when Communists are all over the place."

(I suspect you can only comfortably carry as much as can fit in your hands or pockets. Otherwise, you might drop items or have difficult accomplishing things.)
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written by Speeder on Feb 11, 2010 07:54
(ooc: I wonder if in paranoia world there are a machine that has access to hammerspace... maybe experimental... )
written by 4616599 on Feb 11, 2010 09:26
Jackboots again? Perhaps it could be that traitorous Foursixonesixfiveninenine-R that Selbio-R memtioned earlier. And CMTs sure have poor choices of clone names...

I go to a corner of the warehouse, slightly nervous, and then look at some of the maintenance tubes, wondering whether any were blastproof, or sturdy enough to hold a can of exploding B3.
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