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written by Serpens on Feb 12, 2010 22:37
The 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada will begin in a few hours. Is anyone going to watch this sports event? Any favourite disciplines/participants?

Myself, I'm extremely nervous about tomorrow's ski jumping competition. Adam Malysz has his last chance to win the Olympic gold medal, but this will be very tough. Simon Ammann seems almost invincible, Thomas Morgenstern is very strong too... And I hope Justyna Kowalczyk will dominate the cross-country skiing competitions. Even three of four golds are possible for her.
written by Buuks on Feb 13, 2010 00:42
I am going to watch it for the ice skating. The dutch must get a few golden medals there.

On a serious note, I just read there was a horrible accident with luge. At a training session a luger from Georgia had an accident and died from his injuries.
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written by Speeder on Feb 13, 2010 01:12
There are videos of it, altough the Olynpic Comitee is again being a douche and deleting all videos for copyright infringment, after some search around I found one...

Basically the guy is going ridicously fast when he get somehow launched against some pillars at the side of the track.

After some time you see his helmet/visor/thing to put in the head, sliding back on the track, this probably mean that he hit his head on the border of the track, or the sheet deceleration when he hit the pillars ripped the thing off his head and made it bounce back.
written by Cryoburner on Feb 13, 2010 02:08
Yeah, the Vancouver luge run is apparently a deathtrap, and is supposedly the fastest in the world. The athlete hit the inner edge coming out of a turn and went airborne, flying over a relatively low railing on the outer edge, and into a row of metal support beams near the track. According to the video, it looks as though he may have been traveling around 90 mph prior to the incident. You can currently find video of the crash in an article at CBS News.

On a less serious note, one Polish newspaper apparently had some confusion over this year's Olympic Mascots.

Here's a full page scan of the newspaper at the blog of the guy who originally modified the image. Apparently, it came up as a top result in Google image search. Since then, another newspaper and a magazine in a couple other countries have been spotted mistakenly using the image as well. From a technical standpoint, it does actually look more balanced than the original version. : P
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written by Serpens on Feb 13, 2010 19:43
Oh my, Pedobear as the Olympic Mascot? This just had to be our newspaper. There was also one instance in a Dutch newspaper, I think.

Well, Ammann really was invincible, but Adam Malysz has the silver medal, at an age of 32! Who knows what might happen in a week, at the large hill event.
written by Buuks on Feb 13, 2010 22:56
Serpens said:
Oh my, Pedobear as the Olympic Mascot? This just had to be our newspaper. There was also one instance in a Dutch newspaper, I think.

In a week, at the large hill event.
Not in a paper, in a tvguide. Just a failure of bad research.

And we just won our first gold medal with skating!! WooHoo.
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written by Albeyamakiir on Feb 13, 2010 23:50
It's really tiring watching any olympics in Australia. They seem to assume we are so patriotic and so into the sports that whenever we win a medal, we want to see them on the medal stands for the next half an hour! When the opening ceremony happened, they kept on turning the cameras to the Aussie team and commenting on what they were doing. All they were doing was watching the ceremony or calling their folks on mobiles.
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written by Speeder on Feb 14, 2010 06:28
Here summer olympics are like that...

But winter olympics we suck, specially because our country is hell hot, there are no snow here, ever.

So watching winter olympics is cool, because they show everyone, since there are noone from my country to show.

Btw: Today the koreans kicked some serious ass at skating, too bad that in the finals of the short track skating race (1500 meters) one idiotic korean knocked the other out of the track when the two were second and third, and really ahead of other racers...
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written by Serpens on Feb 20, 2010 22:21
Yes, yes, YES! Malysz just won his second silver medal in Vancouver, at the age 32. That's historic. In the modern ski jumping, no one achieved this much on the Olympic Games at such an age.

This also means that Poland now has four medals in Vancouver - Justyna Kowalczyk won a silver and bronze earlier. To date, Poland ever had eight medals won on Winter Olympics. So the total count just went up by 50% : D

In a week, Kowalczyk will have her last attempt, in 30 kilometers skiing. There's still a chance for a gold medal - the second ever, after Fortuna's stroke of luck in Sapporo, back in 1972...
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